Cute and stylish badge holders can brighten up your whole work day.

We offer fun badge designs that let you bring your personality to work in a professional context.

These badges are…

  • Super cute
  • Professional and stylish
  • Secure enough for all-day use.

Let’s take a look.

Cute And Stylish Clip Badge Holders That Show Off Your Love For Life


Do you have a boundless love of life? Do you want to show it off and wear it on your sleeve? With this product, you get a super cute and super secure badge holder that easily clips onto any fabric you need. People like to wear this lanyard on their collars, lapels, shirt pockets, belts and more. It’s got a grooved metal pattern with a super cool texture. A pink distressed heart is surrounded by loving phrases in flowing fonts.

Wink Wink Badge Reel For Bringing A Playful Atmosphere To Your Professional Attire


We call this badge reel the “Wink Wink” because it looks like a “winky face” cartoon or emoji. It features a happy bright face and a retractable cord. This cord makes scanning into secure areas super easy. Some people use their ID badges for entry. Some people use them for cafeteria access. Either way, it is best if you can handle your badge a bit without losing it. This winky face badge brings a playful energy to your workplace while still being functional.

Lady Boss Badge Reel: A Fun And Sassy Way To Take Pride In Your Role


This super fun badge reel has a double meaning. When you first read it, you see the phrase “Lady Boss”. When you get a little closer, you see that the full phrase reads “act like a lady, think like a boss”. Bring some fun, sassy energy to your workday with this badge reel. The quote itself is surrounded by a black background with shiny gold accents and is then decorated with flashy crystals. Stylish messaging meets super cute design in this clip badge holder.

Show Your Passion For A Good Cause: Cute And Stylish “Fight Like A Girl” Badge Clip


Support breast cancer and prove girls are tough with this cute “fight like a girl” badge clip. Show off your support, and encourage those fighting to be brave, and keep up the good work. This badge has a design with two pink boxing gloves on a black background. The “I” in “fight” is the pink ribbon that represents support for those who are battling breast cancer. This badge clip is always appropriate. It works perfectly for employees, managers, athletes, coaches, and anyone who needs a card, small tool, or other item secured on a reliable retractable reel.

Life is Sweet Badge Reel: Bring Joy And Color To Your Work Day


This badge reel displays a message you can see in every sunset and hear in every birdsong: life is sweet. The pastel tropical colors of this badge reel are surrounded by a ring of shining gemstones. There is a picture of a bright pink flamingo on it, which is one of the most beautiful and exuberant birds in the animal kingdom.

Tree Of Life Badge Reel: An Eternal Symbol Of Growth, Life And Peace


This Tree Of Life badge reel encapsulates so much artistry and symbolism in one simple piece. It is beautifully designed, with a rose gold colored tree image surrounded by a curling gold ring. All elements are crafted with loving care. The tree and surrounding circle are both long-standing symbols of growth, life, and peace. This is a badge that can be worn as casually or seriously as you choose. It is just a simple accessory, but if you do grassroots work or ecological protection, the symbolism becomes appropriate. It is up to you to decide what this badge reel means to you.

Cute Badge Clip With Butterfly Jewelry Pin: The Perfect Work Place Accessory


If you are a career professional who can’t resist a little bling, this super cute butterfly badge clip is for you. This piece features a golden metal butterfly that has been crafted and stylized with glamorous rhinestones that shimmer, shine, and add a little life to the overall look of this piece. This piece is attached to a strong and steady badge reel that lets you swipe your card wherever you need to do so. This is one of our best sellers for a great reason. It is cute enough and general enough to work in just about any professional setting.

Queen Bee Badge Clip: A Fun And Decorative Accessory For Your Professional Attire


Want to snag a badge reel that’s the bee's knees? Want to add a playful and decorative accessory to your professional attire? Grab this Queen Bee badge reel for a colorful pin and clip. It has a 3D bee decoration with rhinestones for its head and wings, and black stones for the black and yellow striped body. It’s the perfect piece for clipping a name tag or any other card or ID you need to carry.

Clematis Fashion Badge Reel: Sharp And Modern Professional Accessory


When you need a classy, simple, and elegant piece of jewelry to accessorize your professional attire, snag our Clematis clip badge holder. It’s one of the most fun ways you can wear your ID. The design is a silver overlay with eye-catching gold accents and a light gold coppery background. The silver overlay is worked into flower patterns with gem centers and curling, organic vines. It’s a cool, sharp, modern addition to any professional attire. It’s a detailed finishing touch that works for any workplace setting.

Get Expert Guidance On Finding The Perfect Cute Badge Reel For Your Workplace

Finding the perfect cute badge reel for your workplace takes the right kind of professional taste. If you need a little bit of guidance in terms of style, or you want to know how you can supply a whole team with super cute badge pins in bulk, we would be happy to help. Contact us online to start your journey towards a more stylish workday.

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