ID card accessories such as lanyards and badge reels can be a fun and fashionable part of your uniform if you find the right piece. These ID card accessories are perfect for…

  • Uniforms
  • Special events
  • Wedding/bachelorette parties
  • Events of all kinds

...and truly any setting in which you would like to add a little flair to your group’s look.

Let’s browse through lanyards and badge reels that elevate your entire look.

Elegance Beaded Lanyard: A Beautiful Piece That Fits With Any Professional Attire


Do you wear a boring lanyard to work every day? If so, it may be time to chuck it out in favor of this elegant beaded lanyard. This piece fits with just about any professional attire because it comes in dark, reserved colors that work just fine with a wide range of uniforms. This lanyard features simple round beads interspersed with silver beads that come together in a larger, many-faced stone before linking to a simple metal clip. This clip works perfectly with most ID card holders, or cards with a hole punched in them. The closure method is a simple magnetic breakaway clasp that is super easy to attach and detach.

Amethyst Geo Beaded Jewelry Lanyard: A Bright Stylish Accessory For Any Uniform


This amethyst geo beaded lanyard is an incredibly fun jewelry style to bring to your work uniform. From the super fast and easy magnetic closure clips comes two lines of bright and joyously colored beads. The design intersperses pink, dark blue, yellow, light blue and amber beads to create an exuberant, eye-catching geological style piece. This lanyard ends in a spinning lobster hook for easy attachment to any ID card accessory your uniform may require you to wear.

Acacia Beaded Lanyard: Slender Silver Elegance For Any Professional Wear


It doesn’t get a whole lot more elegant in the world of lanyards than this silvery Acacia beaded lanyard. This silver piece lives and breathes chic. It’s reserved color scheme makes it wearable with truly any professional attire at any level of sophistication. The reserved design of the lanyard makes it ideal for doctors, lawyers, or professionals at any level. You’ll find linked tiny silver ringlets decorated with larger beads and gleaming crystalline designs.

Jewelry Lanyards With A Playful Style: Overland Beaded Lanyard


For a fun, sassy, playful style lanyard, look no further than our Overland beaded lanyard. In this piece, bright fuschia beads are set in little silver ringlets in between chunky, asymmetrical black beads. The use of weight, color, and contrast give this lanyard a little bit of edge, sass, and fun. This piece is handmade out of metal and acrylic beads, and it is super durable because it is strung on seven strands of steel wire. The clasp is a magnetic breakaway piece which is one of the easiest closure solutions you’ll find in any necklace pieces of any kind.

Ocean Badge Reel: Creative Jewelry Badge Reel With A Fun Theme


Sometimes, you might work in an ocean themed environment, or maybe you just love blue gemstones. In either case, this ocean badge reel is the perfect piece for displaying your ID card and accessories. We could see this being the perfect item for:

  • Marine biologists at a dinner or conference
  • Hoteliers and convention hosts who work near the sea (a Breakers style vibe)
  • Ocean conservationists at a conference
  • Aquarium work

..And so much more.

This badge reel revels in the layered beauty with a collection of varied blue stones that call to mind the beauty of the deep ocean. The reel is strong enough to bring back your badge smoothly and securely after you’ve swiped somewhere to gain access to a secured location, or just simply clock in for the day.

Zebra Fashion Reel: Chic And Fun Badge Reel To Complete Any Professional Look


This simple two-tone black and white look of this zebra style badge pin makes it the ideal choice to wear with a wide range of professional looks. You can immediately see how good this would look with a blazer or business suit, and black and white are universal enough to be doable with just about anything.

We’ve seen…

  • Hostesses
  • Hotel front desk attendants
  • Stewardesses
  • Concierges
  • Waiters/waitresses
  • Jewelry shop clerks

..and more all enjoy this super simple yet super fun badge pin.

Lisboa Badge Reel: Beautiful Jewelry To Add To Your Everyday Work Wear


The Lisboa badge reel elevates what could simply be a uniform piece to the level of beautiful jewelry. You have to see this symmetrical, geometric hypnotic design to believe it. The design is inspired by the rich history of the gorgeous seaside capital of Portugal, Lisbon. You’ll see a light gold backing color that calls to mind the brilliant houses of the gorgeous place that inspired it. This backing is inlaid and crisscrossed with a cage-style design that is filled with glittering rhinestones that catch the light. This metalworking works its way to the center where a bright crystal is attached to a small piece of wood. The way the light hits the central gem calls to mind the capped buildings and domes that make Portugal such an unforgettable place.

Hammered Heart Badge Reel: The Perfect Jewelry Piece For Your ID Card


Despite being one of the newer pieces we offer, this hammered heart badge reel is one of the most popular pieces we offer. In this design, a disc of metal is hammered and dinged in an attractive industrial style called “distressing”. Inside this metal pin is a heart-shaped ring of pink stones, with more rugged metal in the middle. What makes this piece work is the union of the tough and tender. It’s a symbol of love and affection surrounded by a symbol of rugged strength and endurance.

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