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Our BooJee Beads Park Avenue Collection of boutique lanyards are the best of the best. The highest quality in craftsmanship and materials come together in 4 elegant designs accessorizing your individuality. Fashionably designed and built for durability. Each designer lanyard can be worn in multiple ways, and can be accessorized with an additional pendant.

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  • Anastasia Necklace Anastasia Necklace
    Quickshop This versatile necklace is made of natural white agate stone beads in... Add to Cart
    Anastasia Necklace
    From $75.00
  • Tatiana Necklace Tatiana Necklace
    Quickshop This versatile necklace is made of natural dark grey zebra agate stone... Add to Cart
    Tatiana Necklace
    From $50.00
  • Natalya Necklace Natalya Necklace
    Quickshop This beautiful, versatile, boutique necklace is made of stylish mixed-metals in small... Add to Cart
    Natalya Necklace
    Regular price $75.00
  • Katya Pendant Katya Pendant
    Quickshop This beautiful golden pendant offers a stylish way to change up your... Add to Cart
    Katya Pendant
    Regular price $25.00
  • Pave Pendant Pave Pendant
    Quickshop This golden charm is the perfect pairing to our mixed-metal boutique lanyard.... Add to Cart
    Pave Pendant
    Regular price $25.00
  • Grey Beaded Tassel Grey Beaded Tassel
    Quickshop This large, unique tassel is hand-made of dark grey glass beads. The... Add to Cart
    Grey Beaded Tassel
    Regular price $30.00
  • Feather Pendant Feather Pendant
    Quickshop Beautiful, on-trend black feather pendant with hematite color CZ pave accents. It's... Add to Cart
    Feather Pendant
    Regular price $25.00