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Peruse our stylish and affordable selection of beautiful beaded lanyards and designer fashion lanyards. Whether you are looking for a pretty lanyard to complement your work uniform or a decorative lanyard for a special occasion or holiday, we know you will find the perfect lanyard among the 100+ products in our selection of ID jewelry and badge holders.

Choose from gorgeous beaded lanyards, elegant chain lanyards, and fun fabric lanyards in various styles, ranging from bright, bold colors and designs to popular neutrals that match any workplace style. We know our lanyards will soon become a staple in your wardrobe! And don't forget the ID badge holder accessories!

136 products

  • London Fashion Lanyard London Fashion Lanyard
    Quickshop Inspired by the bustling city of London, this stunning piece is oh-so... Add to Cart
    London Fashion Lanyard
    Regular price $21.00
  • Elliott Beaded Lanyard Elliott Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop The 'Elliot' offers everything the modern working woman is looking for. It's... Sold Out
    Elliott Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Lapis Beaded Lanyard Lapis Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Inspired by the mystical night skies and the mysterious depths of the... Add to Cart
    Lapis Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Acacia Beaded Lanyard Acacia Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop The Acacia is an ID holder that is as chic and elegant... Add to Cart
    Acacia Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Beverly Hills Beaded Lanyard Beverly Hills Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Effortlessly enhance your workday looks when you slip on our Beverly Hills... Add to Cart
    Beverly Hills Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Festival Beaded Lanyard Festival Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Jazz up your daily work wardrobe with our multicolored 'Festival' ID card... Add to Cart
    Festival Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Seaglass Beaded Lanyard Seaglass Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Inspired by sandy beaches and the aquamarine coasts they border, our Seaglass... Add to Cart
    Seaglass Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $12.00
  • Aphrodite Beaded Lanyard Aphrodite Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop It's time to toss out that old, boring work lanyard and replace... Add to Cart
    Aphrodite Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Vivian Beaded Lanyard Vivian Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop If you happen to be a woman who doesn't believe in ever... Add to Cart
    Vivian Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Florence Beaded Lanyard Florence Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Drawing inspiration from one of the liveliest fashion capitals in the world,... Sold Out
    Florence Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $12.00
  • Bridgette Beaded Lanyard Bridgette Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Perfect champagne-colored beads are complimented with gold accents making this piece a... Add to Cart
    Bridgette Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Butterfly Ribbon Lanyard Butterfly Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop The lavish color combo and pretty butterflies featured on our Butterfly Ribbon... Add to Cart
    Butterfly Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Cardiff Fashion Lanyard Cardiff Fashion Lanyard
    Quickshop Silver circle and oval links come together to create this pretty lanyard.... Add to Cart
    Cardiff Fashion Lanyard
    Regular price $24.00
  • Coco Wallet Lanyard Coco Wallet Lanyard
    Quickshop Who doesn’t love the convenience and ease of a wallet/lanyard combo. The... Add to Cart
    Coco Wallet Lanyard
    Regular price $25.00
  • Tres Amour ID Necklace Lanyard Tres Amour ID Necklace Lanyard
    Quickshop This silver necklace lanyard features three silver hearts are accented with dainty... Add to Cart
    Tres Amour ID Necklace Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Lizzie Fashion Lanyard Lizzie Fashion Lanyard
    Quickshop Lizzie today, Liz tomorrow, and proper Elizabeth another day; our 'Lizzie' necklace... Sold Out
    Lizzie Fashion Lanyard
    Regular price $21.00
  • Victoria Beaded Lanyard Victoria Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Black beads are accented by gray beads and gold findings. Simple, but... Add to Cart
    Victoria Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Jasmine Fashion Lanyard Jasmine Fashion Lanyard
    Quickshop This lanyard is constructed with pairs of tiny smoky diamond-shaped beads. The... Add to Cart
    Jasmine Fashion Lanyard
    Regular price $24.00
  • Liberty Ribbon Lanyard Liberty Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop A unique, pretty floral print decorates this soft ribbon lanyard and matching... Add to Cart
    Liberty Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $12.00
  • Pink Ladies Ribbon Lanyard Pink Ladies Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop We all know that battling breast cancer is not easy. Friends and... Add to Cart
    Pink Ladies Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $12.00
  • Jazz Baby Skinny Ribbon Lanyard Jazz Baby Skinny Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop Our 'Jazz Baby' skinny ribbon lanyard is the perfect modern design, both... Add to Cart
    Jazz Baby Skinny Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $12.00
  • Cleo Fashion Gold Chain Lanyard  Necklace Cleo Fashion Gold Chain Lanyard  Necklace
    Quickshop The golden chain of this lanyard is finished with a large, unique... Add to Cart
  • Topaz Bloom ID Necklace Lanyard Topaz Bloom ID Necklace Lanyard
    Quickshop We've taken our popular Vintage Flower badge reel and made it into... Add to Cart
    Topaz Bloom ID Necklace Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Scroll Ribbon Lanyard Scroll Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop The black and white scroll print featured in the design of this... Add to Cart
    Scroll Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Dot Skinny Ribbon Lanyard Dot Skinny Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop Our 'Dot' skinny ribbon lanyard is the perfectly modern in design, both... Add to Cart
    Dot Skinny Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $12.00
  • Moray Ribbon Lanyard Moray Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop This chic pattern in classic shades of white and black tie together... Add to Cart
    Moray Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Sophie ID Necklace Sophie ID Necklace
    Quickshop A classy silver chain lanyard with gold heart accents. This beaded fashion... Add to Cart
    Sophie ID Necklace
    Regular price $13.00
  • Portia Cross Fashion Lanyard Portia Cross Fashion Lanyard
    Quickshop Not only is our Portia Cross Fashion Lanyard incredibly stylish, it is... Add to Cart
    Portia Cross Fashion Lanyard
    Regular price $21.00
  • Heartthrob Ribbon Lanyard Heartthrob Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop Our fun ‘Heartthrob’ ribbon lanyard will add a burst of color and... Add to Cart
    Heartthrob Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • Ghost Beaded Lanyard
    Quickshop Orange, black and white glass beads are strung on this holiday lanyard,... Add to Cart
    Ghost Beaded Lanyard
    Regular price $13.00
  • I Believe Ribbon Lanyard I Believe Ribbon Lanyard
    Quickshop Show off your courageous side or your support for multiple causes by... Add to Cart
    I Believe Ribbon Lanyard
    Regular price $12.00
  • Pink! Fashion Lanyard Pink! Fashion Lanyard
    Quickshop Link up with pink. A classic chain dangles a delicately ornamented pink... Add to Cart
    Pink! Fashion Lanyard
    Regular price $21.00