Attention all teachers, please report to the office of BooJee Beads for the most fashionable fabric lanyards and accessories. We here at BooJee Beads know how hectic a teacher’s day can get. That’s why we put so much thought into our products. Our fashionable, functional, and fun lanyards will get an A+ from every teacher.

Making the Grade in Fashion and Functionality

We all know that every child has a talent for getting dirty even while they are sitting still in a chair. For this reason, teaching and fashion usually are not connected. Even if your best outfits are safely tucked away for date night, you can still show your flair for style with one of our chic lanyards. Choose from any of our fun and colorful patterns, or opt for a classy chain. No matter which style you pick, you can do so with confidence. All of our products are crafted with top quality materials that stand up to everyday use. Not even the stickiest little hands are a match for our washable polyester.

Most of our ribbon lanyards come with a retractable badge reel included in the very affordable price. Enjoy browsing over 60 unique designs.

Unique Fabric Lanyards for Teachers

Functionality that Never Fails

Our lanyards tend to hang 19 inches from the neck, making ID’s, keys, or pens handy without removing anything. A lobster claw clasp holds all your important items safely and also swivels to prevent distracting tangles.  

                                                         Bonitas Swiveling Lobster Hook 


We offer a choice of lobster clasp or magnetic clasps. While the magnetic clasp holds everything in place securely throughout the day, it will also release if sudden force is applied. A good example of this would be a child at full speed on the playground. But that never happens, does it? Never.

Badge Reels for Real Life

When working with younger students, a teacher may not want their ID badge hanging within reach of little hands. For those times, we offer our badge reels. Each reel has a spinning alligator clip designed to slip over a pocket or collar – and not make a hole with a pin like other brands. The spinning feature allows for free motion while keeping your ID comfortably in place. Our badge reels also feature a 32-inch retractable cord giving you the ability to swipe your ID without taking it off or leaving it behind.


                                        Badge Reel Alligator Swivel diagram.jpg

                                 Badge Reel Chord diagram.jpg

Every teacher loves a touch of glamour in their busy day, and there is no better way to achieve this than with our badge reels. At the end of the day, simply remove your ID and you have a stunning brooch. Sparkling and delicate, or fun and playful, these badge reels will give every teacher a lift during a long day.

The Gem of Gym Class

A gym teacher has many items to keep track of throughout the day. ID, pen, keys, and whistles all need to be close at hand, but carrying something in your hands, like a purse, or a wallet can be impractical. A BooJee Beads fabric lanyard is the solution. Add one of our clear bi-way ID pockets and not only is your ID convenient, but you can even tuck vending machine money in too. Clip on your whistle and it’s game over for plain, boring lanyards.

Check out our 4-in-1 lightweight wallet lanyard. It has a clear slot for your ID, two slots for miscellaneous cards and a keychain all on a lanyard chain reinforced with a metallic chain. Available in a bright turquoise and black.

Fun on the Field Trip

Field trips are a welcome change of pace for students and teachers alike. The fresh air and sense of adventure can sometimes overstimulate kids, however, causing them to wander away from the group. Here is a fun class project that will help teachers keep track of their young charges.

Choose a class color theme and have the kids design their own name tag on class color paper. Then head on over to BooJee Beads and order matching lanyards for the teacher and each child. Add some clear bi-way pockets and now you have matching ID lanyards. The students have a hand-crafted treasure, and the teacher has peace of mind.

Our affordable prices fit right in with your classroom budget to make this project come to life.

The A+ Company for Teachers

BooJee Beads is a female owned company and they keep their eyes open for all new fashion trends. This translates into the hottest and freshest fashions for you. Let’s save the uniformly bland lanyards for the desk drawer. Sign up for our newsletter to see what they will come up with next.

We offer an excellent customer service experience. Any order $25.00 or higher receives free shipping, and all orders shipping in the U.S. will arrive in 5-7 business days.

We strive to provide you the best product we can, but if you ever have an issue with your order, call us at 888-726-6533 and we will help you return your item.

Ordering is simple on our website. Contact us today to begin your order and enter the world of BooJee Beads. You will never wear a plain lanyard again.

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