Are you done with blending in with the crowd? Is the traditional ID badge reel bringing you down? Boojee Beads can lift your spirits with our unique badge reels for your company ID. We offer fashionable badge reels that let you express your individuality.

Break the Boring Mold with Our Unique Badge Reels

In the past, badge reels were pretty much the same. Round, plastic buttons that only offered a few color choices were everywhere. ID badge holders were given very little thought; nothing more than a tool to hold your ID badge. Today things are very different with Boojee Beads. We are a company founded by women that wanted the same things you do. Most women would agree: if you wear it, it’s either considered clothing or an accessory. So there’s no reason that a functional ID badge holder and badge reel cannot be pretty at the same time.

Our unique badge reels are changing the way people think about company ID cards. Now, instead of cringing when you are issued your ID, you can look at it as a new way to accessorize.

Put Some Sparkle in Your Day With Our Rhinestone Badge Reels

                                                           Rhinestone Flower Badge Reels

Nothing can make you feel like a Marilyn-inspired diva more than the twinkle of rhinestones. Whether you want to be subtle with exquisite details or really pop with shiny shimmer, we have the badge reel for you. We offer a selection of beautiful flower reels edged in rhinestones for those days when you want to show a more delicate side of yourself. Some days are more challenging. For those days you will want one of our trendy designs.

Do not let the beauty of the rhinestones fool you. These unique badge reels are designed to be as tough as they are attractive. Our alligator clips hold tight no matter where you choose to wear them. The 32-inch retractable cord is durable enough to withstand swipe after swipe with no fraying or tangling. These badge reels mirror you in their beauty and reliability, getting the job done every day.

Unique Badge Reels for Your Every Mood


                                                 Queen Bee Badge Reels

Whether you are feeling soft and subtle, or fun and flirty, we have the badge reel for you. Let your entire staff know your status with our queen bee reel. We understand that some days it can be hard to get going. Yes, we have a badge reel for that, too. Wear one of our motivational reels on those days and you will feel invincible in no time.

Some days are just silly days. You wake up feeling on top of the world and we have the badge reels that let you show it. Wear your smile on your face and on your collar with one of our smiley reels.

We Care for the Caregivers


There are two jobs that can be the hardest yet are critical in society. We here at Boojee Beads recognize the women who work in these careers with our special lines of badge reels designed just for teachers and nurses.

Our teacher reels feature fun designs like an apple for the teacher and chalkboards to let your students know you love what you do. These reels help teachers put their students at ease by showing them you love to be whimsical, just like they do. Connecting with children on their level is a very important part of teaching and we help you make that happen.

Nurses are in a unique position of helping people but they are at times viewed with fear and dread. It’s natural for patients to be stressed, considering the implications of being sick or hurt and in an unfamiliar hospital setting. Our line of nursing badge reels helps abate some of those fears and show your patients that you are a caring individual.

Choose Boojee Beads for the Best Selection of Unique Badge Reels for Your Company ID

We have made it our mission to bring you the most exciting badge reels you can find for your company ID. We have also priced them all competitively to ensure you get the most value for your money. All of our reels come with our satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, our customer service representatives will instruct you on how to return it.

Don’t wait another minute. Contact us today and discover our wide selection of unique badge reels. The hardest part of shopping with us will be choosing your favorite design.

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