Everything about the medical environment, including being short-staffed, long shifts, lifting patients and critical ambiance means nurses require flexibility, comfort and durability from their tools, clothes and even down to their accessories. How are we aware of the difficulties you face in nursing? One of the BooJee Beads founders, Lisa Harrington, was a pediatric nurse in Cincinnati!

Within what can sometimes be a stressful work atmosphere, a small, practical –and pretty- ID badge accessory can help make your work life just a little more pleasant.


Our unique badge reels and lanyards are just the pretty accessory that you want to wear to light up your daily moments. At BooJee Beads we update our designs every 120 days to keep in step with the latest trends, colors and delight our clients with something new.


Surround yourself with meaningful and attractive things - even a badge reel or lanyard with images that attract you. For instance, one that speaks of your profession as a nurse, or a badge reel with a heart, star on it or a cross. BooJee Beads has various styles of each for you to choose from! Browse through our badge reels and use the filter using the checkboxes on the left navigation panel by “faith,” “color,” or “price.”

Did you know also that trees symbolize life and positive energy?

A dragonfly symbolizes change, maturity and happiness in the subconscious.

Meanwhile, more obviously, butterflies symbolize life and metamorphosis.

These can work as mini talismans during the day to help keep you feeling light-hearted. Every bit helps.


Badge Reels:

Our badge reels are quality-made and a few nifty and useful features make them super handy.

Firstly, the badge reels are retractable, meaning you just tug on your ID key card sleeve, for instance, and you can pull it all the way out to easily reach whatever door you need to open or for that security guard to easily get a good look at your ID without having to unclip it and possibly lose it.

Our pincher-like clips swivel, so your badge moves easily with you. However, if you want something that moves less, some of our badge reels have the optional static clip back that just hangs from a pocket or belt. 

                                                 Unique Badge Reel Jewelry for Nurses

                                            Image: swivel back clip, versus static clip that hangs from pockets and belts.


Have we got a ton of 3-in-1 lanyards that you’ll find fun and useful! Most of our lanyards come ready with a matching retractable badge reel. The ribbons are made of durable, machine-washable polyester. Check out our fabric lanyards here - we have an unparalleled 60 styles for you to enjoy browsing.

The lobster hook at the end of the lanyard swivels, so that your ID badge keeps up with you.

Inexpensive treats for you and your colleagues

Our most basic model of badge reel starts at just $5, while the average price of our unique badge reels is just $11. If you want to add a chain or beaded lanyard, they also average about $11.

Our 3-in-1 bargain lanyards that include the retractable badge reel average at $11.

The pricing is so reasonable and competitive that it naturally makes a great gift idea. Our uniquely designed, trendy and practical badge reels and lanyards will not be stuffed in a closet somewhere. Whoever you have on your gift list will be delighted and will get good use out of their badge reel and lanyard.

Take advantage of our great promos by checking out the large announcement on the home page. And don’t hesitate to call us toll-free in the U.S. at 888-726-6533 or contact us through our website.

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