Depending on where you live, dressing for the workplace during the hot and humid summer season can be a challenge. How do you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day, yet still be fashionable? We are sharing some of the top summer workplace fashion tips to keep in mind during the upcoming summer months:

  • Keep clothes loose-fitting. Loose, breezy blouses, layered over a basic tank top, can be your best bet for the workday. More tight fitting clothing pieces can end up just feeling like an extra layer of skin on a really warm day.
  • Choose breathable fabrics. Our top recommendation is cotton, as it allows skin to breathe. Cotton clothing items are typically loose-fitting, as well. Linen and rayon, both similar to cotton, are great choices as well, as they absorb moisture and perspiration and keep you cool!
  • Avoid lined dresses or jackets. While these might be among your favorite workplace fashion pieces, we guarantee you will instantly regret wearing one on a hot day. Lined clothing items typically do not breathe well and keep in the heat—the opposite of what you want during the summer season.
  • Opt for lighter colors. Your workplace wardrobe staples may be black, but black clothing absorbs heat. Choose whites, neutrals, or pastels, as lighter tones reflect the sunlight.

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