Girl-power is on the rise in 2018 and to add to that momentum, Boojee Beads has functional jewelry that empowers women personally and ID badge holders that power-up your business!

Most Popular ID Badge Lanyards

                                                 The Most Popular Badge Holders for Women in 2018

Our top-seller for today’s woman is the Treasure Beaded Lanyard, a gorgeous and simple piece with clear and metallic beads and larger, pearly accents. It looks like a treasure find, indeed!

Coming in at a very close second is our modern circle-and-triangle geometric Renata Chain Lanyard. The simplicity of the shapes and the combination of gold tone, rose gold tone and silver tone metals is simply brilliant and can match almost anything in today’s wardrobe.

The innovative magnetic breakaway clasp means you’re not fidgeting in the mornings to try to get it on before going to work or your all-important trade show.

Our Infinity Chain Lanyard is our third most popular sell. The infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate, is a loop that meets in the middle and looks like a sideways “8.”

The symbol is used in math to stand for infinity. Spiritually, the design itself is hypnotic continuity and a symbol of everything eternal. For some, this powerful symbol empowers them through science and others through a spiritual connection.

The asymmetrical position of the infinity symbol on the chain, the shiny silvertone and the details of little rhinestones has been a hit with our clientele.

All of our most popular lanyards come with a lobster clasp that holds on to your ID badge, but the swiveling motion allows it to move as quickly as you do.

These lanyards are sure to make an impression!

3-Pack Retractable Badge Reels for Women at a Discount

                                               3-Pack Retractable Badge Reels for Women at a Discount

In the latter half of the year, Boojee Beads has come up with a 3-pack offer of our handy dandy retractable badge reels for today’s woman, at a savings of an average of $15 on the three!

This set of badge reels is for the modern, sassy chic that reads: “Sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud?” “Geek is the new chic” and “Act like a lady, think like a boss.” Does that sound like anyone you know? If it’s not you, it definitely conjured up the image of one of your friends. They will always remember you if you hand them this as a gift.

Unfortunately everyone knows a woman who is battling cancer, and for this our 3-pack pink ribbon breast cancer awareness retractable badges are a perfect gift to let people know you support them.

Most Popular ID Retractable Badge Reels  


                                                  Most Popular ID Retractable Badge Reels

Always in stock because they are our two most popular retractable badge reels is our Basic Silver Badge and our Detachable Fashion Reel, each at only $5.

For something a little fancier, our delicate, rose gold toned Butterfly Badge Reel has stolen our clients’ heart. The butterfly body is made of sparkly rhinestones.

For many, their faith is important and the Hammered Cross badge reel looks like a simple, home-made relic that an archaeologist could have pulled out of the earth from an early Christian era. The square background is silvertone with the cross in relieve in goldtone, both in a hammered metal look. This relic is brought to modernity through its use as a badge reel.

Our Best Badge Reels Features

Since Boojee Beads has been manufacturing functional jewelry for 16 years, we’ve got a handle on what working women need and want in their ID badge holders.

Some advantages of the Boojee Beads badge reels are, firstly, the polyester string expands to a long 32 inches, and coils back up by itself when you’re done swiping or showing your ID.

Instead of a pin that punctures your clothes, the badge reel attaches with a clip. With most of our badge reels you can choose either a static clip or a spinning alligator clip – as you prefer.

At the end they either come with a standard snap button clear plastic loop that hooks into your ID badge or a swiveling lobster hook.

Don’t hesitate to call our award-winning customer service team to answer any of your questions on product details, pricing for bulk orders or just to hear the story of how our 16 million sales began with a business plan scribbled on the back of a Christmas card, two women and four children in the midst! 888-726-6533.

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