Every piece of how you present yourself is important at a trade show or association conference. And any unique piece will put you - in other people’s minds - as a cut above the rest. Very affordably priced, you can get lanyards (necklace ID badge holders) for each of your team members. So, take it up several notches and instead of presenting your company with a humdrum lanyard, stand out with classy BooJee Beads identification jewelry.

BooJee Beads opened this category of functional jewelry 16 years ago and has since dominated the market with a wide variety of unique, quality jewelry that is specifically designed for the practical necessities at work: flexible ID card holders, retractable reels to make opening doors and presenting your ID hassle-free, and more.

4-in-1 Wallet, Business Card and Keychain Lanyard

One of our newest and most practical lanyards is a lightweight 4-in-1 wallet lanyard.

On one side you have a slot with a see-through window to display your ID card at all times, meanwhile on the backside, it comes with slots to hold your business cards! Additionally, it comes with a ring to hold onto your keys.

How many times has it happened to you in a trade show that, like the busy bee you are, you zip around, get supplies, put down your belongings to shake hands, pick up your stuff to go to the restroom at the other end of the humungous trade convention center hall and have to retrace your steps to find your belongings?

With our 4-in-1 wallet lanyard, you have almost everything you need, all connected together and you don’t have to hold it with your hands, reducing the very high probability that you’ll lose it in a busy conference setting.    

                                          Stylish Lanyards to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

The bright teal color is very attractive and easy to spot. It also comes in black, which is practical and a classic always in-season color. The cord around the neck matches the wallet color and is reinforced with a gold tone chain.

Chain and Beaded Lanyards

How about adding a sophisticated finishing touch onto your best conference outfit with your own unique chain or beaded lanyard? Upon first look, it is a beautiful necklace, but it’s got all of the functional uses for a conference.

The fact that you are prepared even down to this detail will speak volumes about your uniqueness and professionalism to your prospective clients, associates, or anyone that you come across at a convention. And that is the point, isn’t it? Starting at an average of only $11, it is well worth the investment!

                  Stylish Lanyards to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

            Enjoy browsing our more than 80 styles of Beaded and Chain Lanyards.

Unique, Matching Polyester 3-in-1 Lanyards

Imagine your whole team donning the same, unique polyester lanyard. Regular lanyards come in black, grey, blue or red, but BooJee Beads lanyards come in all colors and prints. Your team would truly stand out.

Whether it is a bright striped ribbon, or a dark pattern with badge reel covered in rhinestones or a gem-like look, these 3-in-one are super practical. You can simply tug on the ID badge to reach a door, or to show to security, and then they coil the polyester cord back inside itself around their little wheel of the round badge reel.

Stylish Lanyards to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Photo: Bonitas Ribbon Lanyards, from L-R: Jazz Baby, Pink Ribbon Courage, Mexico, Owl

Let’s not forget how fun retractable badge reels are: they are the ultimate fidget item.

Bracelet Key Chain

Going to be using your keys frequently during this conference? Maybe keys for a safe or a cash box? Our key chain bracelet is a beautiful way to keep your keys close, handy and safe.   

                                      Stylish Lanyards to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show                            

Don’t forget you can always contact us directly at BooJee Beads if you have any questions about the products, our company or your order.

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