Are you feeling mystical? There is power in geometry, so even if shapes are major design elements in shiny, modern jewelry, they are still ancient symbols that have an effect on people. So pick what statement you want to make to yourself and the world from Boojee Beads’ uniquely designed identification jewelry for your ID cards. It’s practical and pretty at the same time, made for the working woman.


Infinity Chain Lanyard - $11.00


                                    Infinity Chain Lanyards


The infinity symbol has a universal strength in its continuous loop. This silver tone square-link chain is interrupted asymmetrically with a rhinestone-studded infinity charm. Despite the understated simplicity, between the infinity symbol and shiny rhinestones and polished silver tone this lanyard is an extremely attractive piece.


Pavé Cross Chain Lanyard - $11.00


                                           Pavé Cross Chain Lanyard


Round loop links make up this chain lanyard, which is, similarly to the infinity chain, asymmetrically interrupted by a charm. This time it’s a thin, rhinestone-studded cross. The cross has a deep meaning for many, and the thoughtful, design-centric placement of this cross gives it a twist on the traditional necklace with cross charm. The silver tone is also a modern manifestation of the traditional gold tone used throughout many cultures and many centuries.


Gloria Chain Lanyard - $11.00


                                          Gloria Chain Lanyard


The Gloria Chain Lanyardfrom our collection has a similar design, but uses clear beads and a regular chain.


Greta Fashion Lanyard- $20.00


In a matte, industrial-looking steel, these dark circle links mixed with multiple chains of smaller linked chains really give off an urban look.


In design, circles are symbols of love, completeness, eternity, movement, femininity (due to the curves) and intelligence. They also are attention-grabbers. The feminine circles of the Greta lanyard combined with the industrial metal look screams “tough girl.”


                               Silver Lanyard Necklaces With a Modern Geometric Design


Cardiff FashionLanyard-$22.00


The highlight of this lanyard is that some of the oval-shaped silver tone metallic loops are in a up-to-date hammered style that has become a popular look in jewelry in the past few years. The most fashionable pieces these days will add hammered-looking pieces to add texture, and still maintain the eye-catching brilliant shine. You’ll be a knockout, even from afar with this smart use of differently-sized, contrasting plain and hammered oval chains.


Anna Cross Chain Lanyard - $20.00


Anna Cross Chain Lanyard


The Anna Cross Chain Lanyard alternates between gold tone and silver tone, with the silver tone taking frontstage. Large, rectangular links are a unique shape in jewelry and really makes this lanyard a standout. Little cross charms hang from the occasional oval-shaped silver tone link, that act like an open hug.

About Boojee Beads

Boojee Beads is a company of Bonitas International, and the whole founding of this multimillion-dollar company is enough to make you feel proud to purchase from our company and spread the story.

The daughter of a nurse, Lisa Harrington, handmade a beautiful lanyard for her mom to remember her while at work.Once Nurse Lisa wore her ID badge at work on the lanyard her daughter made, it was an instant hit. Compliments flew from every angle and an idea was born. When Lisa told her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez, who had been laid off from a Fortune 500 company during the recession, Ms Martinez laid out a business plan in an inspired fury out on a napkin.

The parent company, Bonitas International was established, their line of identification jewelry was named after Kimberly’s then-baby son, nicknamed “Boojee” and 16 years later they are a complete success story. Boojee Beads broke through the million-dollar sales mark in record time and with the love and acceptance of high-quality identification jewelry by their clientele, made with the practical needs in mind of working women, the company is projected to continue growing.

Every 120 days, the design team at Boojee Beads refreshes the large stock with new additions that keep in step with runway fashions.

Boojee Beads also offers practical and pretty wallet lanyards, bracelet key chains, unique and fun polyester fabric lanyards, fancy badge reels with rhinestones, beads and fun sayings. Don’t hesitate to contact us online to ask any questions regarding our products, to set an order, ask for wholesale pricing, or just to hear more about our story! You can also speak to one of our award-winning representatives for a quicker answer at 888-726-6533

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