Retractable lanyards often work well for ID cards, but you need extra strong reels and lanyards if you want to carry metal keys with them.

Many people in many industries like to keep metal keys on hand at all times.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Hotel attendants
  • Janitors
  • Security teams
  • Construction workers
  • Managers in all industries
  • Groundskeepers
  • Gym coaches
  • Caterers
  • Event staff
  • Teachers
  • Tech staffs

..and so many more professionals. The overall profile of someone who ought to wear this piece is someone professional enough to know that business comes before pleasure, balanced enough to do the full work day followed by the after party, and creative enough to see the potential of pieces that look beautiful in either setting.

Elegant Marlene Fashion Lanyard with Detachable Reel: Simple Pearled Style For Any Professional

Do you love the simple, effortlessly elegant look of pearls? If so, this Marlene Fashion Lanyard with a detachable reel is a perfect choice. It matches just about any outfit, and it is appropriate for all professional settings. The best part of this piece is the high-quality retractable reel on the end of the lanyard. It is strong enough for cards or keys as the case may be. The cord extends to 30”, which lets you swipe cards into cafeterias and supply rooms, or bring your key down to a locker or doorknob. The design features iridescent faceted beads that give off the same effect as pearls. It has a bottom hook that lets you convert the lanyard into a necklace with a pendant of your choice for after parties and happy hours.

Who should wear this piece?

Anyone who wants, but more specifically:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Professors
  • Consultants

London Lanyard with Detachable Reel: Wear This Accessory In Any Professional Setting

The London lanyard with a detachable reel is one of the best examples of universally appropriate elegant styles we offer. There is no outfit that this piece does not work with. It is a combination of metal ringlets and see-through gem-stone style embellishments. It doesn’t matter what you wear with it, because it is defined to reflect, enhance, and integrate into any look. The closure system at the end of the super strong lanyard is perfect for a wide range of settings. Tour guides, professors, directors, coaches, bankers, and hostesses can all wear this piece easily. The detachable reel attachment is perfect for ID cards, keys, and all items on a similar scale. When its time to unwind, detach the lanyard and attach your favorite decorative pendant or other pieces of jewelry for a fashionable suspension option.

Who Is The London Lanyard Perfect For?

Again, anyone who wants to wear this one will love it, but a few spot-on candidates might be...

  • Hotel staffs
  • Designers
  • Tour guides
  • Caterers

Dawn Fashion Lanyard With Detachable Reel Unit: Wear Your Cards And Keys With Style

Bring beauty to your everyday work experience with this Dawn fashion lanyard and reel combination unit. This lanyard and reel setup is called the dawn because black beads give way to cloud colored smokey beads and cream colored beads with pops of dew-like see-through crystal style beads. Together the color palette and choice of shape suggests the dawn. All you need to do is use the fully closing thumb-open ID badge hook to connect your card or key to the retractable reel. The reel and lanyard look great but rest assured they are both strong enough for items the same weight as cards and keys. As we have mentioned with the pieces above, if you notice this piece just happens to go perfectly with your cocktail dress or party gown, take off the reel and attach your favorite piece of jewelry.

Who Is The Dawn Fashion Lanyard Perfect For?

  • Personal trainers
  • Personal chefs
  • Private tutors

...and truly anyone who wants to wear it. As always, these suggestions are just ideas, and all of our pieces are available to anyone who wants them.

Which Industries Are Made For The Dawn Fashion Lanyard?

We’d recommend this piece to anybody, but we can’t help but notice it is extra perfect for…

  • Concierges
  • Hostesses
  • Event planners
  • Publishing and media work

...and so much more.

Brooke Fashion Lanyard With Retractable Detachable Reel: Perfect For Professional Days Or Party Nights

The Brooke fashion lanyard is perfect for professional days and party nights thanks to its sleek and beautiful style. You’ll see silver-colored metallic beads that are exquisitely detailed and proportioned on a strong cord. In between the metal beads you will notice fine, detailed rings that enhance the overall look and feel of the whole piece. This lanyard features super convenient magnet closure for those workweek mornings when you need everything to be fast, easy, and ready to grab and go. The retractable reel works perfectly for whatever small work-related items you want to carry at all times, then it detaches to be replaced by a more stylish piece when it’s party time.

Which Professionals Love To Wear The Brooke Fashion Lanyard?

This is one of the most universal items we offer, but…

  • Journalists
  • Attaches
  • Translators
  • Housekeepers
  • PAs

...and so many more professionals have fallen in love with this piece in the past. This is a strong piece that people who find themselves outdoors in gardens, or in environments such as medical and scientific research appreciate as well.

Get Expert Help Finding More Fashionable Retractable Lanyards That Are Perfect For Keys And ID Cards

We have supplied lanyards to people in industries of all kinds, from doctors to janitors. We know that many people live a business-travel lifestyle where you need to prepare for the after party just as much as for the boardroom meeting or convention lecture. Contact us online and let us know what your occasion is, how many pieces you need, and tell us about the style and tone of your brand. We look forward to helping you find lanyards and retractable reels that carry your keys, cards and sense of style all at once.

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