Keycards can be a full-on fumble if your hands are full, or easy to lose if your mind is multitasking. It seems inevitable that into every life, a little inconvenience must fall. Or must it? Here at Boojee Beads we believe in making every day a little simpler at work and at play. We have a wide variety of keycard holders designed for women that offer style and ease of use. Our practical retractable badge reels will help solve those everyday inconveniences.

Keycard Holders for all Occasions

                    retractable keycard holders for women

Keycards have become highly popular in recent years. The main drawback to them is that they are even easier to forget than traditional keys. Not being part of your daily routine like car keys, you often leave them laying in various places or tucked away in discreet corners. We have an expansive collection of keycard holders to help you keep track of these elusive items.

Our retractable badge reels make the perfect accessory for keycards. Whether you need a keycard for work or your hotel room on a business trip, you will enjoy the convenience of having it attached to you.

Affordable Keycard Holders Starting at only $5

Our keycard holders are designed for women on the go. Fashion meets functionality in our collections. Add some sparkle to your outfit with our rhinestone reels. Choose flowers, hearts or classic broach styles.

For a subtle, daily business outfit we offer plain, blacksilver or beige metal reels. The quality and price (only $5!) of our classic, plain badge reels make them top-sellers.

To shop by pricing our website offers a drop-down “sort” menu button that will allow you to filter by pricing (low to high).

Another option is to visit our Special Offers section where we offer packs at discounted pricing.

After the business is done, remove your keycard and your reel doubles as a sophisticated pin.

Add Some Whimsy With Badge Reels With Sassy Sayings  

   breast cancer awareness badge reels

Are you always pulling out your keycard at work? Keep it handy on your collar, sleeve or belt loop while showing off your sense of humor. Our fun reels let you remind everyone to take life with a smile. For instance, check out our Fight Like a Girl reel badge, Lady BossChoose to Be Happy and Winking emoji.

Take Our Retractable Key Card Holders to the Beach

There is a walk of shame we have all taken at least once; that embarrassing walk to the hotel lobby to ask for a new key card with your beach ball under your arm. As soon as you are back in your room, you see your keycard next to the door where you left it. One of our cute critter reels clipped on your beach bag could have saved you, such as our octopusdragonflyqueen bee or from our newest 3-pack of owl, monkey or flamingo. Pick a color to match your towels or accent your bathing suit.

Mothers with their hands full with the kid’s beach toys will enjoy having that peace of mind. Knowing exactly where your keycard is will let you turn your attention to the sunblock.

Give Your Keycard a Dose of School Spirit

                   3-pack of owl, monkey or flamingo

Every teacher will enjoy sporting their keycard with their school pride reel. Our collegiate collection includes many schools to choose from. There will be no recruiting students to help search the bleachers for an errant keycard this season.

Key Card Holders Combine Fashion and Function

No matter which design you choose you expect quality. That is what you will get from BooJee Beads keycard holders.

Every reel features a 32-inch retractable cord. Simply attach it to your bag, pocket or lapel, tug on your keycard, swipe it and it will coil up back into the cartridge automatically. There’s no losing it this way! Just keep it attached to your bag, lapel or pocket.

All of our keycard holders offer superior security with a spinning alligator clip or your choice of a static clip. The spinning alligator clip ensures that your key card never gets flipped around or pulled off your clothes no matter how active you are. It moves with you. The static clip is convenient if you have a pocket that it can easily hang off of and stay in place.

Our company had a fascinating start. The daughter of one of our founders made her a beautiful beaded necklace to remind her mother of her during her workday. Mom clipped her ID on the necklace and the results gave birth to BooJee Beads. See our whole story here.

Only women really know what women need in a product that is to survive a busy day. This is why our retractable keycard holders and other items are so popular today.

We also understand that affordability is equally important. Our products are competitively priced to allow you the freedom to buy a reel for every mood or outfit. You can use our “sort” feature to filter our functional jewelry by price (low to high).

Contact us today and see for yourself why so many women trust BooJee Beads.

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