It’s crystal clear. On the job in a healthcare setting, everything you wear and instruments you use are necessarily practical. Anything that can make your job easier and more comfortable is highly prized. Well, imagine a pretty little detail that can simplify your work just that tad bit more and is also beautiful!

Name-tags are often the magnetic keys (or you keep the key in your badge sleeve) that you use to enter restricted areas of a clinic. With a retractable badge reel that you can attach your I.D. badge to, all you have to do is give a light pull on your badge to reach the doorways, instead of unclipping –and possibly losing your I.D. because you forgot to reattach it to your clothes- or that awkward yoga pose in front of the door from trying to force your badge to reach the key reader. You’ve been there.

You can shop our gorgeous retractable badge reels, starting at $5.00 on sale, with the average running at only $11.00.

                                                                                                                                                        Retractable Badge Reel Jewelry for Hospital Staff

The long nylon cord stretches to approximately 32 inches. It winds itself easily back into itself to avoid any hazards. The alligator swivel clip back is ultra convenient, making it easy to clip and use the I.D. badge in any angle you need it.

The retractable badges come bejeweled in rhinestones, colorful enamel, chic metals, antiqued metallic looks, with inspirational messages, modern lines and even cutesy cartoon-like images. There is really a style for everyone.

Browse through our collection on our online shop here.

Unclip your ID badge from your clothes at the end of the workday and the badge reel becomes a stunning piece of jewelry all unto itself. A real conversation-starter!

Do not forget your coworkers, who are the people you rely on day-by-day. A fashion badge reel makes a wonderful present that will surely be used. There is no way this will be hidden in a closet. It’s getting used right away!

GiftCertificates are a great option if you aren’t sure which style makes a better present. 

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