Nurses are the heart of a clinic, but the healthcare environment can oftentimes be stressful. You desire to feel good about your surroundings and part of that is wearing pretty things as much as possible, but pretty doesn’t usually equate to practical.


Never fear, one big bang between an entrepreneurial nurse and a former Fortune 500 exec and Boojee Beads was created, offering affordable, pretty and functional ID jewelry so you can have your cake and eat it, too. Sixteen years of a nurse and business exec designing products for nurses, we know what you need, and we can offer it in a wide variety of fashionable styles for you!

Everything a Nurse Needs in a Pretty Lanyard

                      Pretty Lanyards for Nurses' ID Badge

Our top suggestions are the 3-in-1 ribbon lanyards. At BooJee Beads we take the humdrum polyester up several notches in style. Specifically for nurses we have a “Keep Calm, I’m a Nurse” Ribbon Lanyard in bright pink with white letters.

Our Tapestry Ribbon Lanyard, for instance is one of our best sellers. The navy blue background is set off with bright fleur de lis, stars, and other floral and leafy patterns. The prominent colors are pink and teal, but the lanyard is delicately decorated with gold outlines, like something out of the renaissance.

Also within our top 3 best-selling lanyards is our black Polka Ribbon Lanyard in bright colors, which is oh so 80s and 90s retro, and our Butterfly Ribbon Lanyard is simply beautiful in purple and teal against a white background.


A Bargain that Nurses Love

Overall, the 3-in-1 lanyard is a bargain that nurses love because whereas many times you must purchase the badge reel separately, we include it in these lanyards. On average, the ribbon lanyards are priced at an affordable $11.

Some of the great features include:

  • The ribbon itself is made of durable polyester and washable; a very important point to its favor considering the hygiene needs in a hospital or clinic environment.
  • At the end of the badge reel you’ll notice the plastic loop with a snap button to hold your ID badge.
  • The lanyard’s breakaway latch is a great feature that can save you from a fall or your neck getting hurt in the case your lanyard ever gets caught on something. It just snaps apart on impact and you can snap it together again later.
  • The retractable badge reels are special and fun. With a 32” durable polyester cord, you can just give it a tug to swipe your ID badge or show it to the security attendant and reel it back in.

If you want just a key ring lanyard, we have attractive choices with lobster hooks and without the badge reel.

The Ultimate Practical and Pretty Lanyard

We originally only sold our wallet lanyard in two colors, but they are such a versatile product that they are now in demand – and clients asked for it in other colors! Now we offer this hit wallet lanyard in black, turquoise, purple and blue.

                           Pretty Lanyards for Nurses' ID Badge

  • Slide your ID into the plastic see-through sleeve on one side of the Wallet Lanyard.
  • On the other side you have two extra slots for whatever other cards you may need to have on hand: your business card, your ATM card, bus pass, etc.
  • Also included is a key ring and lobster hook for you to attach anything else you need to carry with you.
  • The strap is of the same material and color as the wallet, and is reinforced with an attractive chain.

Go Ahead, Give the Gift of a Lovely Lanyard

Any nurse in your life will appreciate an attractive –and practical- Boojee Beads lanyard. If you know his/her favorite color, you can filter on the left side of each category by color. Alternatively, a gift certificate will also give them the pleasure of browsing our hundreds of styles and products until they find the one they want.

How a Nurse Began a Functional Jewelry Business

A nurse wore a decorated, glammed -up ID badge holder to her job at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and the reaction was so positive among the fellow nurses and staff that she realized she was on to something. Nurse Lisa Harrington soon went in to business with her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez, within just three years they broke through the million-dollar mark and the rest is history. Sixteen years later they own a wildly successful business that designs and sells functional jewelry for various clientele, especially nurses, teachers and entrepreneurs.

Don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning sales team online or in person at 888-726-6533. We’ll be very happy to speak with you and answer any questions. For sales of 100 pieces or more we can offer you a discount.

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