Only IT geniuses can get away with wearing flip-flops and a tee. In an office, every detail is an inherent signal, and a unique lanyard on your business suit will make you shine miles above a humdrum monochromatic lanyard any day. “If you want to be successful, you have to look the part,” as the saying goes.

When you wear the business suits in your closet, it reminds you that you are on your way to reaching your dreams. And replacing the standard lanyard with a gorgeous chain lanyard that looks like jewelry is just one more detail that will help you look the part and win over the world.

Boojee Beads Co-Founders, Lisa Harrington and Kimberly Martinez

Boojee Beads doesn’t make standard identification products. Established by two working women (one an ex-Fortune 500 exec and the other a nurse) they turned badge holders into jewelry to make themselves and other women feel and look phenomenal. When people start asking about your lanyard, tell them the Boojee Beads story and you’ll see them open up with curiosity.

Our hundreds of pretty and practical lanyards are also at an unbeatable price, in relation to the careful attention to the latest styles, design and quality.

Here are our top picks to set off any business suit – and you!

Newest, Top-Selling Premium Lanyards that Complement Your Work Outfit

                                Aurora Fashion Lanyards For Women

The beautiful pearl-and-silver look of our Treasure Beaded Lanyard has risen through the ranks to become one of our most beloved lanyards. Indeed, the steely clasps are complemented by clear beads, which are then accented with beads of a gorgeous freshwater pearl look.

Pearls have always been elegant, but the way this color scheme and preference for the freshwater peachy, synthetic beads brings an insatiable, subtly enchanting femininity to a business suit.

Another new piece that has been wildly popular is the Aurora Fashion Lanyard. The opal-like multicolor beads are just a little larger than usual to catch and refract light in slight blue, purple and pink tones. Smokey and metallic beads hang in the background, allowing the pretty prism beads to really take the center of attention.

>> Don’t hesitate to contact Boojee Beads with questions or requests for wholesale discounts. Our award-winning reps will be happy to hear from you!

Popular Chain Lanyards that Stand Out Against a Business Suit

                                     Quatrefoil Fashion Lanyards

Our  Quatrefoil Fashion Lanyard has two qualities that women fall in love with: the rose gold metallic tone and the emphasis on a round quatrefoil charm with another two charms dangling from the center.

The rose gold easily stands out, even among a crowd. Surprisingly, the rose gold can work well with a happy, bright colored suit as well as a solid, neutral tone. One of the dangling charms gives this piece its name: a quatrefoil, a leaf with four leaflets, like a stylized four-leaf clover. The uniquely-shaped charm is encrusted with rhinestones and the internal charm is another quatrefoil in gold tone. This one is easy to visualize contrast against your business suit.

In true Italian fashion, this understated combination of circles and squares in a neat, slinky line is the epitome of design. There’s an elegant je ne sais quoi about the simplicity of this gold tone Sally Fashion Lanyard that it will certainly add class to your business suit.

Pewter-Colored Pierrot Disc Lanyard

                            Pierrot Fashion Lanyards .                             

One of our newest additions, this great little Pierrot Fashion Lanyard of various pewter and silver-colored chains will add a subdued shine to your business suit for a great visual effect.

But don’t miss the tactile effect! Each of the little discs is embossed in slight relief with dots and buttons.

Options for clasps

Some of our premium lanyards allow you to choose between a lobster hook closure or a magnetic clasp. Each has its benefits.

The traditional lobster hook, like the ones you find in most jewelry, for some is a bit cumbersome, especially when trying to rush out of the house in the early mornings. A magnetic clasp is a synch.

However, the magnetic clasp might break away more often during the day, which could have its benefits if you are very active during your work day and tend to get your lanyard tangled.

We’re ready to help you pick your lanyard and help you feel ready for success. Call Boojee Beads at 888-726-6533 or write us online

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