We often talk about popular lanyards for women, but what about popular lanyards for the guys? Whether he is a teacher, a nurse, or a working professional, we have an assortment of fashion accessories including lanyards and badge reels that guys will love.

Is he a sports fan? If so, consider an ID badge reel from our collection of collegiate badge reels. From the University of Florida Gators to the Kansas Jayhawks, our collection includes many of the universities from across the country. Whether he is a sports fan or an alumnus, he is sure to appreciate the chance to display his school spirit at work with his ID.

Is he a veteran or an active member of the military? Our badge reel collection includes badges that feature the logos of our Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Is he a fire fighter? Our fine pewter and enamel Fire Fighter badge reel was designed to show support for fire fighters everywhere.

Is he a teacher? Many students appreciate when a teacher, especially in Pre-K or primary school, adds some color to his or her wardrobe, and a great way to do this is with a bright ribbon lanyard. He can delight his young students with fun ribbon lanyards, like the Owl Ribbon Lanyard or the Hula Monkey Ribbon Lanyard

Does he love to accessorize? If so, he may enjoy any number of our Fashion Lanyards and Badge Reels!

Be sure to check out the newest products in our 2016 BooJee Beads collection of fashion lanyards, badge reels, handbags, and fitness tracker jewelry. 

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