Are you looking for the perfect graduation gift for a soon-to-be nursing grad? Nursing students work hard to complete their program, then begin working hard every single day in the field, taking care of patients. Just think about how many of us can recall a special nurse who showed kindness to a member of our family during a difficult time. The nursing profession takes a lot of heart and skill, and we definitely appreciate our nurses!

As spring graduation season nears, show the nursing graduates in your life how much you appreciate their chosen profession with a very special graduation gift. We have collected some of our best gifts for nursing graduates:

Fashion Lanyards: One of the staples of any nursing wardrobe is a workplace ID and keycard. Because this inevitable piece of ID jewelry has to be worn every day, why not make it fun? Choose one or two beautiful lanyards for your nursing graduate to wear. As an added bonus, these lanyards double as necklaces, which means you can it both at work or when you are enjoying a night on the town.

Beaded Lanyards: Our beaded lanyards are one of our most popular products for nurses! These durable lanyards are made with stainless wire, keeping a nurse’s ID secure throughout his or her shift. BooJee Beads’ lanyards also feature a magnetic breakaway safety clasp.

ended Heart Badge Reel: Nurses truly do mend hearts every day in their profession. This sweet badge reel, with a retractable cord for swiping, is perfect for nurses.

Collegiate Badge Reel: We love our line of collegiate badge reels as graduation gifts for students’ alma maters, or if they plan to work at a college medical center or hospital. In either case, your graduate can proudly display pride in his or her alma mater or workplace with a collegiate badge reel.

Fitness Tracker Jewelry: Nurses are on their feet for hours on end, and likely rack up the steps on their fitness tracker! Why not help them dress up their tracker with beautiful, colorful fitness tracker jewelry? The new Fit and Fab line is designed to hold a FitBit Flex.

We hope you find the perfect gift for your nursing graduate! For questions about any of our product lines, please do not hesitate to contact the team at BooJee Beads today.

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