When you rely on reading glasses throughout the day, you understand this struggle: How many times have you set your glasses down and then later, when you really need them, you cannot find them? Or worse, your glasses fall into the nooks and crannies of a couch or your car seat, only to be accidentally sat on or stepped on and damaged. We bet this has also happened to sunglass wearers! If these scenarios sound familiar, it is time to add a very helpful—and stylish—eyeglass necklace or leash to your wardrobe.

Eyeglass holders and jewelry were designed with people like you in mind, as they hold your eyewear securely and keep your glasses accessible. No more hunting for your misplaced reading glasses!

These are just a few of our most popular eyeglass holders & necklaces.

Carla Eyeglass Necklace. With silver strands and a mixed metals loop to safely hold your glasses, this necklace is the perfect complement to nearly any outfit. We love how such a simple, chic eyeglass necklace can be worn at work, elevating your workday attire, or as a statement piece for an evening out! It is the perfect versatile eyeglass necklace, which is what makes it such a popular choice. One customer said of the Carla, “Adorable, with or without the glasses.” We agree!

Celestial Eyeglass Leash. This eyeglass leash, with includes grippers to hold your glasses securely, is adorned with translucent beads. No matter what color your glasses are, they will pair beautifully with the Celestial.

Isobel Eyeglass Necklace. This gorgeous necklace serves double duty! It is beautiful on its own as a stylish necklace, and it features a loop pendant to secure your specs, whether they are reading glasses or sunglasses. The Isobel eyeglass necklace’s chunky silver link chain and rhinestone-encrusted pendant make a stunning fashion statement.

Discover the function and style of our Eyexotic line of eyeglass jewelry! Try wearing a stylish eyeglass necklace or leash to keep your glasses secure. 

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