Nurses are the mini super women of the world. Catch them swiftly moving through the corridors, fluids in hand and with the biggest smile on their faces. As a nurse you are the guiding light for many patients and giving them the positivity they need for the day is what makes the difference.

Let's explore some of our most popular nursing lanyards and badge clips.

Tender Care Beaded Lanyard

This is our number one selling lanyard for nurses coming into 2019! Hand assembled with today’s medical professionals in mind, the tender care lanyard exemplifies what the nurse life is all about. The small, metallic charms include hospitals, band-aids, caduceus and assorted hearts to represent the love that goes into being a nurse and caring for people every day. The spinning lobster hook makes it easy to show your nurse identification card when needed and creates a lovely placement for your badge.

Heartthrob Ribbon Lanyard

A key duty of most nurses is to offer happiness to their patients; some may be sick children or an elderly person with no family. As a nurse you always want to put your best smile forward and the heartthrob ribbon lanyard brings in a splash of colors to any hospital corridor. The blue, yellow, pink, and red hearts all along the ribbon changes the mood of anyone who gets the chance to admire the lovely lanyard. Our 3-in-1 polyester ribbon lanyards include a

  • retractable badge reel
  • safety clasp that breaks open when the ribbon snatches on something.

You can also detach the badge reel and just use the lobster hook and lanyard as is.

Order in bulk for your whole nurse team! We want you and your fellow nurses to make the most out of your day while wearing one of our specialty nurse badge clips and lanyards.

Contact us online with any questions on our products, shipping or if you want to see if you qualify for a bulk order discount.”

Keep Calm I’m a Nurse Badge Reel

With so many upheavals in the world, the Keep Calm mantra is going strong into 2019. Most nurses possess a special superpower, at least that’s what it feels like because of the serenity and calm that comes over one when a nurse is present. Once you see your nurse, you know someone is looking out for you and has your best interest in mind. The “keep calm I’m a nurse” badge reel holds the reality of how nurses are- once present, just keep calm and everything will be okay.

Mended Heart Fashion Badge Reel

The healing process can be painstaking and sometimes emotionally draining but with a nurse by your side to congratulate every accomplishment no matter how small, changes your attitude while in the hospital and sometimes in life. Give the nurse who helped mend your heart the mended heart badge reel to demonstrate your appreciation this new year for the heartfelt work the nurse did. Get her the I’m a Nurse Ribbon Lanyard, with the additional mended heart badge reel and you’ve got a great, flexible gift that she can have fun changing out and mixing up her look.

Find More Nurse Badge Reels and Lanyards With Us

Nurses are full of excitement and love to share, they all need a little love for themselves and what better way to show that love than to gift your special nurse a gift certificate or hand selecting the lanyard or badge reel that best fits her.

Explore the newest and best selling lanyards at BooJee Beads or if you have any questions for our experts contact us online for more information. We are always working toward making your workday just a little more glamorous.

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