Raining clients. Huge jump in orders. An invigorated company.Isn’t that what we all secretly hope and dream will result from participating in a trade show or conference? That your company or your personal business shines so brightly at the event and you’ve passed out so many business cards that your business takes off! Boojee Beads can envision that, too. As a woman-owned and run company, we take humdrum lanyards and badge holders and replace them with identification jewelry with a wow-effect to make you stand out in a convention center and helps you get those leads.

Our uniquely designed ID badge holders are not only attractive, but practical, high-quality and very competitively priced.

Carry Your Business Cards in a Wallet Lanyard

                                      Coco Wallet Lanyard

Our black Coco wallet lanyard and our bright turquoise Gabrielle wallet have been such a hit that we naturally decided to offer the same style in other colors. The lanyard wallet has a see-through plastic protective cover for the ID badge and 2 slots on the backside that hold several business cards.

Wherever you are on the conference floor and you’ve met someone you want to do business with, then, you will always have your cards right around your neck with this wallet.

And let’s not forget your keys for cash boxes, car, etc. The lanyard comes with a key ring, so that you don’t lose your keys in the hubbub of a busy conference.

Our newest colors in the wallet are the No. 5 Navy Blue and the Celine Burgundy wallet lanyard.

If you’d like to get discount or wholesale pricing to buy some for your entire team, speak with someone directly at Boojee Beads at 888-726-6533. Or write us online.

Let’s see how else we can personalize your convention center outfit to get the max out of it.

Badge Sleeve

                                             Original Badge Holders for Trade Shows and Conferences

Are your business cards or ID badges sometimes vertical and yet other times horizontal? Get the flexible Bi-way pocket that can hang the badge vertically or horizontally.

Swipe Card Holders- $1.75

Nowadays keycards are favored above the traditional keys and are used in conferences to control access and register guests. But most badge holders don’t accommodate the user in making it easy to swipe; for the most part, you’ll have to take the card out and then swipe. This also leaves the card vulnerable to getting lost once it’s out of the cardholder.

Solution: Swiper Card Holders, which grab onto the card from the top, leaving the magnetic strip open and available for a quick swipe. No having to take it out of the sleeve!

Exquisite, Designer Lanyards

                                             Aphrodite Beaded Lanyards

One of our newest designs is the holy Aphrodite! Lanyard ($11.00). It’s simple design in an industrial grey metal and attractive price makes it a popular choice. Grey pearl-like beads alternate with smoky beads, which add a soft, translucent mysterious dimension to the industrial look. Don’t miss this one - its design is a steal!

For the ultimate chic, modern look, go for the Renata geometric lanyard ($11.00). Also in a brilliant mix of metallic tones, this stunning use of simple shapes are an immediate attention-grabber.

                                        Sally Fashion Lanyard

If you love modern takes on ancient geometric shapes, don’t stop with the Renata lanyard, but add this elegantly-designed Sally Fashion Lanyard ($24.00) to your cart. The long chain of alternating gold tone, small circles and squares in a straight line look straight off of a runway. You can imagine a tall supermodel sashaying down the runway in a black and white power suit, half unbuttoned, with this piece as the center of attention. You’ll feel like an Italian haute couture designer put together your wardrobe when you wear it.

One of our newest designs is a Golden Fashion Lanyard. The bright golden chain is the trellis for the viney action of a chain of the faceted bicone gold tone beads. Differences in surface shine and refraction between the high shine of the chain and the muted shine of the deeper-colored beads makes for an exquisite lanyard.  

Leaves are a soothing design element that brings you closer to nature and gives you a mellow vibe. The Quatre foil Lanyard ($24.00) is still calming, but the stylized leaf pattern and mixed use of metallic tones, including rose gold tone, is visually stimulating and pleasing. You’ll get questions about the shape and “where did you get this!?”

                                       Quatrefoil Fashion Lanyard

Badge Reels to Match!

If you can get a high-design lanyard, top it off with a stunning badge reel. These reels are super handy because their coil-action means that you don’t have to take your lanyard off to show your ID card or to swipe your keycard at a conference. A best personal practice is to ensure that you have everything you need with you in the most practical manner possible. If you don’t have to detach your ID badge, keys or key card and they are all attached and hung around your neck: you’ve just found an awesome solution for yourself.

Just attach one of our gorgeous badge reels to your lanyard, loop the lobster hook through your ID badge or keycard and whenever you need to swipe or show it to security, you don’t have to detach – just tug on the ID badge/keycard - you have 32 inches to play with our long polyester chord - and the coil action in the badge reel will pull it back in when you’re done. No detaching needed.

Here are our top badge reels to match our top lanyards for conferences:

Sif Badge Reel

A gorgeous design, the gold tone and silver tone Round Sif Badge Reel with three swirls and a three-petal stylized flower in rose gold tone in the center, topped with a rhinestone looks like ancient medallion jewelry from a seafaring civilization. This goes well with any of the gold tone lanyards.

The jewel in an industrial-inspired lanyard could be our Diamond Lil Fashion Badge. Imagine the stunning contrast that this brilliant pendant, surrounded in rhinestones would make hanging from one of Boojee Beads’ urban-looking lanyards.

Another hark from the past is the Vintage Round Badge Reel($16.00). You can imagine a Celtic peoples from the middle ages donning something like this and passing it down through the generations. It’s hard to beat the allure of the deep emerald gem-like center.

Elephants, the symbol of wisdom and family, among other things, are in popular demand for some time now. The bubbly shape of this elephant badge reel ($16.00) is not only adorable, but very feminine. The filigree swirls are to die, and topping them off with rhinestones is a brilliant move. This elephant has so much personality you’ll fall in love with it and will want to offer it as a gift to your friends and colleagues.

Working Women For Working Women

Boojee Beads is founded by working women, and we know what it takes to be successful. Making the million dollar mark very early on in our 16-year history, we offer you a luxurious look at very affordable prices. Shine, shine, shine! at your next convention. Use every tool in your arsenal, including details like an attractive lanyard that keeps your business cards handy and badge reels that draw people to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us online with any questions or to hear our story. Better still, call us and speak directly with our award-winning team at Boojee Beads, 888-726-6533.

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