You have an important business meeting that calls for you to wear THE power suit. You know, the one you wear when it’s time to close the deal of all deals. You walk into the conference room fierce, full of confidence and ready to be the queen boss that you are in your best professional suit…accompanied with a frayed and faded lanyard.

This will never do.

Boojee Beads has the solution! Toss out that tattered and over worn lanyard, and replace it with a fashionable piece of jewelry that doubles as an ID badge holder. We stock a wide variety of designer lanyard necklaces with professional businesswomen in mind. These styles are chic, smart and will look absolutely gorgeous around the neck pairing nicely with your power suit.

Here is a list of just a few of our affordable, high-end modern lanyard necklaces.

  • Fashion Lanyard

These gorgeous lanyards might be hard to believe that it’s exactly that, especially when you disconnect the removable fashion ID hook. Some of Boojee Beads fashion lanyards are strung together with an assortment of clear geometrical-shaped beads that reflect the silver chain giving it a stunning translucent look that will pair nicely with any business suit. Some lanyards have a reflective coloring from the silver chain giving it a smoky color. This lanyard measures 38” long with a magnetic breakaway safety clasp.

  • Evening-Themed Chain Lanyard

Sport this stunning metal chain with an alluring navy finish that is perfect for the executive powerhouse you are! The navy-finished chain is adorned in an assortment of a variety of bead accents. The evening-themed lanyard is strong enough to hold an ID badge and keys with its metal lobster clasp that is hidden behind a tassel of navy-finished chains. Wear this modern lanyard with or without a badge ID. It is made with a breakaway magnetic clasp hanging 19” from around the neck with a total circumference of 38”.

  • Fringy Lanyards

Some of our fringy lanyards gives the illusion of two necklaces. Ask about our lanyard that’s made primarily of metal chains with a golden finish, it is sure to bring the sass to any power suit and even on casual Fridays. Shop online for the lanyards that are adorned with a string of pastel-colored beading. It is an absolute must-have that will make the white business suit look daring and elegant. Choose between a magnetic breakaway safety clasp or a lobster clasp. You really don’t have to wear either one. Simply take the clasp and the ID badge off before you head out to happy hour to celebrate your business deal. This lanyard also hangs 19” from around the neck.

Who says you can’t mix silver with gold? Boojee Beads stocks lanyards that are a definite eye-catcher complementing professional attire for businesswomen. This string of square silver and gold link finishings bring together a sort of elegance that unapologetically breaks the fashion rules only to create a look that every professional will want to wear, with or without a badge holder. Here, you also have a removable fashion ID hook and a magnetic breakaway safety clasp with a 38” circumference.

  • Exotic Fashion Lanyards

If you are looking for something a bit more exotic and daring, we’ve got it. Ask about our lanyard that has the perfect assortment of gold beads, tiny pearls, and red and purple beads to bring out the rich and vibrant vibes of the purple center stone. Everything is beaded together with a gold-finished metal chain. Here, you have your choice of the magnetic breakaway safety clasp or the lobster clasp that are both removable providing you with the option of wearing it as a decorative necklace. This exotic lanyard hangs 19” from the back of the neck.

  • Eyeglass Necklaces

Boojee Beads also carries a line of eyeglass necklaces that can also be worn as a decorative accessory. Many businesswomen have to wear reading glasses. Instead of sporting the old grandma chains that you can find at the local drug store, why not upgrade your eyeglass accessory with Boojee Beads’ Eyeglass Necklaces. This elegant piece of jewelry is designed to keep your eyewear—even sunglasses attached to you at all times without disheveling your wardrobe. Designed with a series of silver strands, this necklace is looped onto a ring of hammered metal where your eyewear can stay secure.

Boojee Beads Designed with the Professional in Mind

When you invest in a line of Boojee Beads, you’re getting a piece of modern jewelry that’s hip, fun and decorative. You’re also getting something that’s practical—a lanyard to hold your ID badge. For business professionals who love wearing jewelry, but is also required to wear a visible ID badge at all times, Boojee Beads is the product for you. Shop our extensive line of designer lanyards, badge reels, ID holders and accessories. Call 1-888-726-6533 to inquire about our modern lanyards and eyeglass necklaces. Sign up today to get 10% off your first order. 

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