It doesn't matter if you are a business professional or a schoolteacher… adorn your outfit with a little bling bling! Metal chain lanyards are the perfect way to show off your fashion-forward style. Boojee Beads began with the vision of a nurse and a Fortune 500 executive aspiring to bring a new look to lanyards. The company has expanded from selling fabric lanyards to beautifully made metal chain lanyards to fit the style of every workingwoman.

Your outfit says a lot about you; the colors and designs you like, sporty or chic, simple or complex and your practical, necessary lanyard should be a reflection of all your characteristics. Wear a lanyard a chain lanyard that speaks for itself and complement your style.

Statement Metal Chain Lanyards

Rose gold has been a fashion trend to watch for the past four years and it is still on the rise! Simple, yet beautifully crafted, the Rosey fashion lanyard can be the piece of jewelry to put the whole outfit together. The small bead accents mixed with small charm clusters go well with your favorite navy scrubs or that pleated skirt you’ve been dying to wear.

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Everything in life is an ever-changing process and we are living through the endless circle of life. Touch base with the thought of infinite possibilities by sporting the infinity chain lanyard. This chain lanyard is handmade with a silver chain and rhinestone encrusted infinity symbol. Your life is limitless, wear this symbol to recharge your energies whenever you glance at it. Your outfit will thank you for it.

Jewelry that’s also a practical way to carry your ID? Count us all in, the charmed fashion lanyard can easily be unclipped from the ID badge hook and voila! It’s a necklace. Navy and gold are colors that can go with almost any outfit due to the stark elegance from the gold and pop of color from the various blues on the chain lanyard.

Lanyards Our Clients Love As Well

Sometimes messes are made and your lanyard will get caught in the wildfire. The 3-in-1 tapestry ribbon lanyard adds a pop of color to your outfit and the polyester fabric allows for easy washing. Retractable badge reels can be life-savers, no more losing your badge ID when it’s connected to your lanyard.

Get Ready with Chic Professional Lanyards with Boojee Beads

As you can see we provide the workingwomen with the confidence they need to tackle the busy days ahead. Never lose important keys or security tags again with our metal chain lanyards. Our expert specialists on all things fashion lanyards are ready to answer any questions you may have or to speak about bulk order discounts. Contact Boojee Beads using our online contact form today.

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