Nursing is a very rewarding profession but it can often negate your chance of showing off your heightened sense of style. BooJee Beads is here with a cure for your fashion blues. Our lanyards are ready to help you to handle your workload while letting you wear a touch of chic. Let us introduce you to a few of our unique lanyards that keep a nurse’s needs in mind.

Lanyards that Inject a Dose of Fashion Into Your Day

Nurses are the front line of health-care. It is no secret that they are the ones who spend the most time with patients. Creating a comfortable atmosphere is essential to the job but scrubs and mandatory issue lanyards tend to steal individuality. We provide a way for you to show off your personality while staying within professional regulations.

Lanyards for Nurses: Be Professional and Fashionable

Our lanyards are designed to reflect the hottest jewelry and fashion trends. If you are looking for a touch of class, try one of our beaded lanyards. Each one is handcrafted with beautiful beads in popular colors to match any season.

Lanyards for Nurses: Be Professional and Fashionable

Our chain lanyards are a favorite choice for nurses who want to add some sparkle to their rounds. Choose from open links or tight chains. The delicate beauty and styles all disguise the durability of these lanyards.

Perfect Lanyards for the Pediatric Nurse’s Personality

Lanyards for Nurses: Be Professional and Fashionable

A pediatric nurse not only has to perform all the tasks of caring for a sick child, they also have to win the child’s trust. Our ribbon lanyards are just what the nurse ordered. We offer lanyards that keep your professional side and your fun side in perfect harmony.

Bright colors and fun designs will enchant your toughest patients. Our line of nurse-themed lanyards and badge reels feature every aspect of a nurse’s day from a simple band-aid to a full physical and beyond. You will love the smiles these lanyards bring.

Fashion Meets Function in Our Lanyards

Fashion Meets Function in Our Lanyards

As stylish as our lanyards are, they are also durable enough to serve your needs through any day. A spinning lobster claw hook holds your ID firmly and at the same time prevents even our multi-strand beaded lanyards from getting tangled.

We keep your safety in mind as well. Some of our lanyards come with a breakaway clasp. Your lanyard will stay in place through the most hectic day, but should it get caught on a piece of equipment or pulled while assisting a patient, you will not be hurt. The clasp will release preventing neck injuries. All of our lanyards are strong enough to keep your ID, keys, and pens handy with no damage.

Accessorize and personalize with a clear badge holder or a beautiful pendant for after hours.

We at BooJee Beads want you to have the best in fashionable lanyards. Ordering is simple and our prices make shopping with us enjoyable. Visit our website or contact our award-winning sales team us today. Start your next shift wearing a lanyard that is the elixir of the nurse’s soul.

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