From teachers to executives, women in all professions have one thing in common: the boring ID badge holder. It has been fashion’s enemy for years. Today, there is BooJee Beads. We are pleased to bring you identification card holders with a unique design. Let us introduce you to your next ID badge holder. 

ID Card Holder Lanyards

                              Elegance Beaded Lanyard

Our handmade beaded lanyards are designed to mirror the fashion trends of the day. Delicate beads are expertly blended in color schemes to match every season and personality.

Choose from accent beads or full strands. Each one is designed for fashion as well as function. When the workday is done, remove your ID badge and wear your lanyard as a beautiful necklace for your night on the town.

Fabric lanyards are the most common style in all professions. Our lanyards, however, are a cut above common. Fun designs and bright colors bring a splash of style to your drab day. Some themes include teachers, nurses, flowers, animals and geometric prints. Everyone can find the perfect way to show off their playful side with our ribbon ID card holder lanyards.

Our ID card holder lanyards hang 19-inches from the back of the neck for ease in presenting your ID. We have also included breakaway clasps and swivel lobster hooks to keep you and your badge safe and move with you.

Reel in Compliments with Our ID Badge Reels

                           Razzle Dazzle - Purple Fashion Badge Reel

Each badge reel has your needs in mind. Thoughtfully designed with a spinning alligator clip, you never have to worry about whether your ID card is properly displayed. The clip moves with you and holds your ID card upright.

Or, conversely, you can choose a static clip, which clips onto a pocket and doesn’t move.

Once your ID card is attached to the badge reel, clip the badge reel to your clothing and just tug on the ID card every time you need to present it. The retractable 32-inch cord keeps your ID handy without the need to search for it every time it is needed. When you’re done scanning your ID or presenting it to security, let the recoil action reel the cord back in.

We offer several collections to suit every need and personality. Put sparkle into the dreariest of days with our rhinestone badge reels. Pick a flower with rhinestone petals or a delicate heart trimmed in stones.

                                college-themed badge reels

Have you been wondering what to give your college-bound child? Our suggestion is a unique collegiate ID card holder. These badge reels are made of pewter to withstand all the punishment your student can dish out. In later years, your student will look back fondly on their college days when they pick up their reel.

Brace Yourself for Our Bracelet ID Card Holders 

                              Bracelet ID Card Holders  For Ladies

Our bracelets are a refreshing change from the common ID card holders. Beaded bracelets add a touch of class while keeping your ID securely at hand. A highly practical and flexible add-on is one of bi-way pockets. It has two holes for you to loop the clip through.

These lovely bracelets sport a fashionable chain tassel, making them the perfect accent for teachers and professors.

ID Card Holders Make Thoughtful Gifts     

                          multi-pack badge reels

Do you know a teacher, a nurse, or just a fun-loving soul that is hard to buy for? BooJee Beads has the answer. We offer our popular ID card holder reels in convenient multi-packs. Gift an entire pack or give individually. These reel packs are competitively priced to make giving as enjoyable as receiving.

Breaking the Mundane Mold 

We have all seen them: those bland plastic buttons and black straps that have become synonymous with typical ID card holders are everywhere. They have been underwhelming us one ID badge at a time for years.

Uniformity has its place but your ID badge is one area where our products give you the freedom to express yourself. BooJee Beads opened the identification jewelry niche and we have built upon it to amass collections of unique ID card holders for working women everywhere. We have covered the spectrum from subtly sophisticated to fancifully fun.

The Company that Makes a Difference 

BooJee Beads is a company for women, by women. Our founders know what women demand in workplace products because they have been there. One of our founders was a nurse, the other, an ex-Fortune 500 exec. Each detail from the spinning alligator clips to the swivel lobster claws were carefully thought out. And every 120 days, we create new pieces that keep in step with the latest runway fashions.

When people work together we empower one another. This is the foundation of BooJee Beads. We listen to our customers and provide products designed to meet their needs. 

Contact us today with any questions about lanyards, ID badge holders, identification jewelry or other accessories. Shopping is simple and our award-winning customer service team is ready to answer all of your questions. Start expressing yourself in style!

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