Are you faculty at a public or private school? University or college staff? How many times has it flashed through your head that you wish there was a more efficient way to enter and exit the many doors and security posts you have to pass through on a daily basis?

Too many to count, no doubt, and even so, finding a solution is not something you’ve dedicated time to until today. Well, we at Boojee Beads have a slew of beautiful and attractive solutions to the inconvenience of having to pull out (and possibly lose) your keycard, ID badge, keys and security pass several times a day.

ID Solutions for School Faculty and Staff

These clear, plastic keycard and ID badge holders have a pressure grip on the top of the card, leaving the magnetic strip exposed and available for reading when swiping. The holder has a slot for a swiveling lobster hook or the plastic loops with snap buttons to dangle off of.

At this price, buy a few of them for however many keycards you have and an extra for “just in case” or a colleague you know could use this handy swiper.

Contact us to see if you qualify for bulk-order pricing, or for any questions at all about ID badge products for schools.”

Just as how they sound, these hard plastic holders have soft plastic grips that hold your card securely in place. This is an alternative to the swiper above.

Sometimes you just don’t know if your cards will be vertical or horizontal, or in the case that you are staff on a large campus you may have several wings or departments whose directors or security have a preference whether the card is designed vertically or horizontally.

The card design will also vary depending on the event or how much you want them to stand out, for example:

  • staff and personnel
  • parent and visitor’s passes
  • business cards for conferences
  • press credentials
  • security ID’s for speakers and artists, etc.

This bi-way card holder pocket simply takes the doubt out of the equation and allows you to be flexible and design your cards vertically or horizontally and have a holder that places them in the correct, readable position.

Be prepared at all times with these bi-way pockets and order several at once. Again, check to see if you qualify for a bulk order price or get answers to any questions at all on ordering by contacting our award-winning representatives.

More at Boojee Beads

Don’t forget to check out our very practical and exclusively-designed polyester, washable  ribbon lanyards. Elementary and high school teachers love these, since they are durable, and have a safety latch that snaps open when tugged. Most of our designs come with a retractable badge reel included in the very affordable price!

For college and university staff we have more sophisticated  chain and beaded lanyards that look just like a necklace. Simply unhook your ID badge, put it away in your purse and you’re already accessorized for after-hours dinner-and-drinks.

Don’t forget the retractable badge reels! We have several designs to match every style. Have fun browsing and mixing-and-matching everything from, bright emoticon badge reels to classic looks, to modern, chic-appeal.

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