There’s no reason for an ID badge to throw off the look of an elegant work outfit. Bonitas International offers you stylish badge pins that will complement your professional attire.

This is useful for…

  • Fashion retailers
  • Caterers
  • Upscale hosts and hostesses
  • Concierges

...and truly anyone with a sense of style.

Let’s browse through some of the most popular options for fun, sophisticated and attractive pins and badges.

Basic Metallic Badge Reel: Perfect For Professional Minimalist Looks

This is a simple basic silver metallic badge reel with a subtle metallic gleam. It’s ideal for professionals who need to complement a simple, minimalist look with their ID or some other access card. This is a sturdy chrome plated piece that will serve you for the long term.

  • The back has a convenient spinning alligator clip that makes attachment easy and convenient.
  • The cord is retractable and 32” long

Tri-Metal Fashion Badge Reel: Do Everything You Do With Style

Do everything you do with style by supplying your team with this fashionable tri-metal fashion badge reel. If you work in fashion boutiques, art museums, or anywhere with a highly artistic and stylish vibe, these ID badge pins are perfect for your needs. You probably never knew that something as simple as a badge reel could be so fashionable. In this design, gold-colored beaded patterns surround curling silver patterns that surround a beaded copper center, giving the whole thing the appearance of a metallic flower.

Razzle Dazzle Fashion Badge Reel: An Elegant Badge Pin

This razzle-dazzle purple fashion badge reel is one of the most dazzling fashion reels with which you could hope to decorate your team members. The overall impression of this gorgeous pin is that of a mauve and silver mandala made out of jewels and metalwork. In this little piece, a ring of braid-style silver surrounds pointed workings and ringlets of metal work. Inside this ring is a collection of purple gems, followed by more woven metal, pink stones, and finally one more in the center. It is among the most elaborate stylish badge pins we offer.

Badge Reel For Floral Style

If you work in a field such as catering or decorating interior design, or anything with a floral element, you can complete your look with this rose badge reel. The fluttering flower is one of the most distinct badge reels we offer, with elegant, layered textures and glittering rhinestones that are super fun. This badge reel is a statement maker, and you could wear it on anything from a blazer to a lab coat.

This badge pin/reel lets you:

  • Present your ID card clearly
  • Keep access passes and other cards you need ready to go at all times
  • Pull the reel in any direction thanks to the spinning clip

...and stay fashionable and functional all at once.

Truman Badge Reel: Cute Badge Reel To Make Any Uniform Chic

This cute badge reel lives up to its name “Truman”. It provides the ideal touch of elegant chic to anything from daily outfits to the most professional getups. The angular black and white emblem is accented with a bright rhinestone jewel in the middle. This houses a practical retractable cord that will make it easy to access your card from your blazer, collar, sleeve, shirt, belt, purse or anywhere you pin it.

Daisy Flower Badge Reel: Elegant, Floral Design

Give artistic expression to your feminine side with this pearl-white floral badge reel. This is appropriate for anyone in any profession who wants to brighten up their workday, but somehow it just seems extra perfect for:

  • Florists
  • Decorators
  • Designers
  • Concierges
  • Art gallery attendants
  • Professors
  • ...and more.

    This is truly a mesmerizing piece in which glinting pearlescent rhinestones form the soft shapes of flower petals and a center is created out of angular rhinestones. The smooth action of the retractable cord gives you access to your card for any scanner or entry check without any fuss at all.

    Diamond Lil Fashion Badge Reel: Flashy And Fashionable Badge Pin

    You’ll be hard pressed to find better bling than this shining faux-diamond badge reel. Wear this if you work in jewelry, wines, fine arts, entertainment, or just plain like doing things with a bang. The large faux diamond in the middle brings the bling to any setting. It’s a mega-glamorous option that delivers a sparkle to the dullest lab coat or uniform of any kind.

    Hammered Heart Badge Reel: Super Cute And Sassy Badge Reel For Any Professional

    This hammered heart badge reel is a cute and tough image with some stylish flair thrown in. The gold heart badge reel is a cute, sassy reel that adds a little twinkle to any lab coat, nurse scrub, professional blazer, or anything else you want to add it to.

    Elephant Badge Reel: A Super Cute Best Selling Pin For Professionals In All Fields

    This elephant pin is a distinct badge reel that is sure to attract the right kind of attention. It’s a cute, fun design in which an elephant has been created with metal work and glittering rhinestone accents. The reel has a strong steady pull that is ideal for keeping your card at the ready at a moment’s notice. The spinning alligator clip makes sure that the clip stays straight and looks good no matter what.

    Get Expert Guidance On Finding Elegant Badge Pins For Your Work Look

    Boojee Beads has helped people in industries of all kinds find badge pins that add an elegant touch to their professional wear. Contact us to learn about more options.

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