ID badges are obligatory at your work anyway, so might as well get not just “nice” or “practical” ID badge holders, but “fabulous” ID badge jewelry! And get some as gifts for your coworkers! This is a great gift idea: they will be so delighted and will remember you happily throughout their day.

In fact, if you’re the head of a department, this could make for a great gift for your entire office. Get one for each of your staff, or play a fun game of pass and grab, white elephant or do a small auction for one of your charities.

1. Gift Sets for Your Coworkers

Browse our entire category of ID badge jewelry gift sets. Boojee Beads offers a nice variety of attractive products packaged or bundled at an affordable price.

jewelry gift sets

They can come in gift sets of:

2. Cell Phone Lanyard with Waterproof Mobile Case as a Perfectly Practical Gift for Fun Times!

lanyard with waterproof phone case


Get something they don’t have. Everyone’s been at the beach, the pool or up in the snow and nearly had an accident that would have obliterated their cell phone. Get your coworkers one of these waterproof mobile phone cases on a fun lanyard, they’ll remember and thank you the next time they are out having fun by the water or in the mountains.

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3. Chain Lanyards as a Beautiful Gift Idea for Your Coworkers

Florence Beaded Lanyard

gold chain lanyard


Beware: the bearer of the Florence Beaded lanyard will be envied… but they are protected! The turquoise color and stone has been known since ancient of times to ward off evil. The green-shaded turquoise color is set off exquisitely against the goldtone chain necklace. Note the goldtone filigree decorations that form part of the chain.

Treasure Beaded Lanyard

beaded lanyard with silver, peach and clear beads


One of our most popular lanyards is gorgeous in its simplicity. The larger beads look like fresh-water pearls in a pale, natural peach and silver while the smaller beads are transparent and glassy. You won’t go wrong with our most popular lanyard!

4. Stylish Lanyards with a Retractable Badge Reel

Medallion Ribbon Lanyard

ribbion lanyard with black and white flower print


Black and white is simply a classic that never goes out of style. For people who work in industries where that involves a lot of active movement, black also has its practical aspect that it won’t look as dirty as fast. Our fashion, printed black-and-white ribbon is 100% polyester and washable. The retractable badge reel with a flower decoration sports a very art deco look, as well as being very practical. This badge reel sports a clip on the back so you can detach the ID badge reel and clip it to your pocket, neckline or belt (note: no pins to ruin your clothes!).

The coil action of the retractable badge reel holder is an extremely popular function among staff that must show their ID’s frequently, use a card key to open several restricted doors or clock-in and clock-out.

Dawn Fashion Lanyard with Detachable Reel

elegant beaded lanyard with detachable reel


One of our newest additions, ready to fit the fashion of 2019, is chain-linked with elegant black, silver, refractive, clear, and pearly-looking beads. At the end of our long chain lanyard is the detachable reel, which comes included.

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