If you could choose to turn your boring old ID badge into something attractive and personalized, why wouldn’t you? If you think your roadblock is cost, don’t worry, BooJee Beads started the identification jewelry category and with all of that experience, we know what pricing, quality and designs women love. There’s something special for all of you!

Are you betting on yourself - a “solopreneur”?

There’s no way no one will not see your nametag with our eye-catching badge reels. Also, we’ve got unique identification jewelry that holds your business cards for all of those trade conferences and expos that help push your business.

Do you work in an office?

Our accessories will help you stand out. That uniqueness and attention to detail will be noted and help you present the image you’re looking for.

Is nursing and healthcare your passion?

Practical and pretty! You’ll never guess how practical and fun our accessories are. You’ll be able to whiz by security doors and never lose a beat.

Busy-body teacher?

You feel like an octopus sometimes, don’t you? Reaching, walking, you’re never still! So that you don’t lose your ID and belongings, we’ve got just the accessory for you.


Give it your best shot. Make that great first impression!

It’s a common knowledge in the business world that your lapel or just below your shoulder is the most strategic spot to place nametags because when you shake hands, it’s in the line of vision. So how about highlighting that spot with a gorgeous badge reel to highlight your ID nametag? Our uniquely-designed BooJee Beads badge reel not only calls attention to your name badge, but also offers a practical solution when you need to swipe your key card or extend your badge to show someone.

                                       ID Badge Accessories for Women 

                                         ID Badge Accessories for Women


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Tug on the ID and the cord extends out from the reel, and coils back in when you’re done. Note that it attaches to your lapel or neckline with a clip, and does not need to be pinned through your clothes.

Always fumbling to find your business cards? An awesome must-have is the 4-in-1 wallet lanyard. It has an ID plastic window on one side, on the other 2 slots to hold your business cards, a keychain … and all of this is attached to its own matching lanyard. We’ve thought of it all for you and put it in one lightweight package. This style also comes in black.

                                                 ID Badge Accessories for Women

The pieces themselves are so unique that passersby will indubitably stop to ask you about them. BooJee Beads are an instant conversation-starter - and the story behind our products is worth talking about! Sixteen years ago, Lisa Harrington’s eight year-old daughter decorated her mother’s ID badge before going to work at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital so she would remember her while on her nursing shift. The glammed-up ID badge was a hit with her colleagues. Lisa shared the reaction with her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez, who happened to be an ex-Fortune 500 exec. And the magical formula was born.

These kinds of conversations are exactly where you start to build your clientele for your business. One conversation at a time.

For the Office

Choose a stylish chain and bead necklace that is specially designed to hold your ID badge around the office, conferences and other events. In your busy routine, you’re grateful for whatever helps you shave off an extra minute in the mornings. The magnetic clasp on the back makes it easy to put on in those adrenaline-filled moments when heading out the door. Also, the lobster clasp that holds on to the badge reel or your ID swivels 360 degrees for ease of movement. Lanyards are practical because it allows you to move around without having to use your hands to hold anything. And with this style you are sure to always make an impression.

                                                  ID Badge Accessories for Women .          

                                                  ID Badge Accessories for Women

Practical and Happy for Clinical Settings and for the Busy Body Teacher

Fabric lanyards are pretty typical, but you’ll be surprised by the many designs that BooJee Beads ribbon lanyards come in. Made of polyester, these lanyards are washable and –score!- most of them include a fun, retractable badge reel. Aside from our over 60 designs we also have detachable collegiate pewter medallion lanyards.

ID Badge Accessories for Women

And the pricing is so comfortable for such unique designs. Starting at just $11 the investment in our quality products cannot be beat. It’s such a fun and practical item that they make great gifts. This is something that will not be put away in a closet never to be used.

Enjoy browsing our more than 60 designs of fabric lanyards now!

If you have any questions regarding our products, guarantee, pricing, or even wanting to sell our products yourself, do not hesitate to contact us here. BooJee Beads opened the market for these products and have always been ahead of the curve in quality, style and pricing. Every 120 days, our designers create new styles to stay in tune with the latest fashion and with our clientele.

Established and run by women, the award-winning Bonitas International (parent company) broke the million-dollar benchmark in sales within the first three years and has been featured in every major U.S. news outlet, including ABC, NBC, Today show, USA Today. Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more. Be a part of this success story by purchasing and showing off one of our pieces of functional identification jewelry.

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