It’s that time of the year again. Pumpkins make their appearance everywhere you look, you’ve brought the hoodies out from the storage boxes, you’re preparing apple ciders and hearts are aglow with the anticipation of the fall holiday season. Indeed, holidays have a special feel to them that spreads like a wildfire. Here at Boojee Beads, we created a collection of holiday lanyards to put you in a festive mood.

There is Nothing to Fear About Our Festive Holiday Lanyards

Spiders and other creepy crawlies are popping up all over town, yet no one is calling the exterminator. It must be Halloween. There are goblins and ghosts haunting backpacks at school and pumpkins are showing off their personalities.

We are getting into the spirit here at Boojee Beads, as well. Our Halloween lanyards take center stage with adorable designs to get you in the spirit of the season.

Each one of our holiday lanyards contains all of the features you have come to rely on in our daily wear styles - and they are competitively priced!

Pumpkin Lanyards to Light Up Your Smile

You don’t need to know jack about jack-o-lanterns to love our Halloween themes. Our Pumpkin Beaded Lanyard is a real treat. This handmade lanyard is festively designed with black and orange glass beads and a cute pumpkin to keep watch over your ID badge. This lanyard hangs 19-inches from the back of the neck and has a spinning lobster claw hook that latches onto your ID badge holder.

                                     Boo Ribbon Lanyard

The pumpkin on our Boo Ribbon Lanyard is smiling because he knows how to keep you in a festive mood. He is skilled at mixing fun and function with his polyester ribbon and a breakaway clasp.

A retractable badge reel comes included in the Boo Ribbon Lanyard, giving you an extra, practical perk for free. Connect your ID badge to the retractable badge reel, then whenever you need to swipe your key card or show your ID to security, you just tug, and then the badge reel draws its cord back in. The cord stretches to 32 inches.

>>Have fun browsing our Christmas and Halloween lanyards. You have to see them to boo-lieve them. Get any questions answered quickly with our award-winning reps at 888-726-6533 or contact us online.

Festive Lanyards With Tricks and Treats

                              Creepy Crawly Ribbon Lanyard

Our Creepy Crawly Lanyard spins a web of festive fun. Lighten the mood in the office with Halloween spirit and treat yourself to a unique lanyard with a trick up its sleeve. With our 3-in-1 design, you can wear your spiders as a plain lanyard, a badge reel or a combo set.

Let’s not lie to ourselves; the decorations are fun, but Halloween is all about the candy. Our Trick or Treat Ribbon Lanyard helps you gather all the sweetness wherever you go. Sporting spiders and candy corn, this festive lanyard will trick or treat for you even if you forget. You can have your choice of these fun lanyards for only $11.00 each.

The Lanyards That Bring Warmth to Winter Holidays

                                   Joy Ribbon Lanyard

After Halloween, our thoughts turn towards warm family gatherings, twinkling lights, and snow. Don’t hide indoors all winter this year. Celebrate the falling snow with our Snow-bound Ribbon Lanyard. You will receive a blizzard of compliments with this icy-blue, 3-in-1, snowflake lanyard.

Keep your festive mood fueled with our cute Christmas Critter Ribbon Lanyard. This 3-in-1 holiday lanyard pops with all the colors of Christmas in a chevron design. The detachable badge reel features a bear all snuggled up in a cozy winter scarf. This lanyard will get smiles from everyone you see.

Our Joy Ribbon Lanyard is a wonderful way to bring holiday color to any outfit. A bold red ribbon lanyard is decorated with a flurry of white polka dots. This is another 3-in-1 lanyard that allows you to wear your festive holiday mood any way you wish. The removable badge reel has a tree that is fully decorated for the season and little presents inspire curiosity.

Each one of these holiday lanyards will thrill the children in your world as well as bring out the child in you. Take your pick, or own all three for only $11.00 each.

Pick Boojee Beads for Your Holiday Lanyards

We are in a festive holiday mood here at Beads and we hope that our fun, holiday lanyards will keep you in the spirit, too. This is why we have kept our prices competitive and included these holiday lanyards in our satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t wait a day longer, the holidays are right around the corner. Contact us today to stock up on all the holiday lanyards you will need to put you in a festive mood. Tis’ the season to be accessorizing!

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