A fashion diva won’t stand for representing herself or her business at a convention with a standard kiosk booth, a plain suit with sensible shoes and a lanyard that looks like everyone else’s. At BooJee Beads we offer over 250 identification jewelry products, adding and discontinuing designs every 120 days so that our clients are always in step with the trends that saunter down the latest fashion week’s catwalk.

Whether you love the shiny vinyl that pulls Ralph Lauren’s wonderful 30s marine-themes into a spacy future, or Chanel’s classic soft wool scarves and tweed jackets over metallic materials, touched up with retro, late-80s puffy sleeves or the zany eccentricity of Gucci’s hodgepodge of layered designs, there is a style that suits you at BooJee Beads.

Chain Lanyards                              

Chain Lanyards

With so many avenues for self-expression nowadays, every detail counts when making your impression at a trade show. Nothing says “class” like a chain lanyard, so check out our latest styles. They come in silver, gold or rose-gold-toned metallic, also in mixed metals for the ultimate flexibility. Some of the more elaborate styles have symbolic charms to share your mantras, positive messages, faith and more; or bright, simulated semiprecious stones and beads; chain tassels or varying size loops for truly unique looks.

When considering a unique BooJee Bead lanyard for a gift, you can sort by:

  • “Best Selling” to discover our most-liked styles
  • “Reviews” to get advice from clients who have already purchased
  • “Price Sorter,” for when you want to buy one for all of your friends or women on your team
  • or “Newest” to see view the latest styles

Our chain lanyards typically go from just $10 to $24 and most come with a lobster swivel hook so that your ID moves easily with you.

Have fun browsing our over 150 lanyards to find the pieces that match your “winner” outfits from your favorite fashion design houses.

Geo Modern                              

Modern Geo collection

For the ultimate fashionable look, check out our Modern Geo collection. Our lanyards in this collection are designed with different complementary size circles, rectangles and triangles for the ultimate modern look. If you prefer a fabric lanyard, we take ancient symbols and running patterns and style them onto our modern ribbon lanyards that come with a retractable badge reel. Our metals come in a variety of looks, from industrial matte steel, to the very feminine rose gold tone.

Boutique Collection

Boutique Collection

Our boutique collection raises the business lanyard to royalty-standards. BooJee Beads designed their boutique lanyard around natural, genuine semiprecious stones, such as gorgeous white agate stone beads that hold the same mystery as the revered moon, and another, darker version in deep, natural mauve agate stone beads.

The process by which nature creates stones means each one is unique, and this earth connection radiates that positive energy that you want to surround yourself with and attract others to you. Stones never go out of style.

And at the end of your convention you can simply unhook your ID badge and our pieces stand alone as a gorgeous necklace for the after-hour networking party at the hotel bar.

Conversation Starter

When people ask you about your ID badge jewelry – and they will – you’ll have a great story to tell them about how BooJee Beads was started. A nurse’s 9-year old daughter just wanted her mother to remember her while at work in the hospital, so she decorated her mother’s ID badge. As you can imagine, the glammed-up ID badge was a hit among her colleagues and when the mother, Lisa Harrington, told her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez, an ex-Fortune 500 exec, they went into business.

It’s now been a wildly successful 16 years for BooJee Beads, a business run by fashionable women.

See you at the next fashion week!

Don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning customer service team for any questions you may have.

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