An elegantly designed piece of shiny, goldtone jewelry is instantly registered as a sign of luxury, grandeur and beauty – today and since ancient of times. And Vogue Italy called it in an article reviewing the 2019 fashion trends: gold is the new black! And naturally, as part of human behavior, the more luxuriously you dress, the better you feel and the better people perceive you! Your ID badge is no exception. Maximize the glam factor on every detail of your person so you shine as elegantly as gold. Browse Boojee Beads’ price-beautiful goldtone, fashionable chain lanyards to feel gorgeous.

Our Top Suggestions for Goldtone Lanyards to Shine Brightly at Work

We’re happy to introduce our newest goldtone lanyard, which you can order by calling directly 888-726-6533. The Sally lanyard is Italian-inspired in its understated elegance and attention to the most aesthetic use of small goldtone squares, circles and beads. The Boojee Beads team updates its designs every 120 days to keep up with the exciting fashion trends seen down international runways.


Image: goldtone “Sally” lanyard, only available through our Fall 2018 catalog or calling directly

Similarly, one of our best-selling lanyards, the Renata Chain, shows off an ingenious use of geometric shapes. The triangle screams “modern,” at the same time that the goldtone and silvertone polish off the concept with a classic shine. It hangs on an elegant snake chain.

But let’s go over our hottest-selling goldtone lanyards amongst the Bojee Beads clientele.

Top-Selling Goldtone Lanyards

Our Love Lanyard steals hearts between the dangling, cutout cross charm and the word “LOVE” engraved on a long silvertone plate, screwed onto another goldtone plate, all in hammered metal. Many have found this charm beautiful way to assert their faith to themselves and remember the precepts of love in their religion. The Love lanyard uses a double chain for security.

It is easy to see why the Florence Beaded Lanyard is one of our top-selling goldtone chain lanyards. The attractive contrast of the blue-green beads against the yellow goldtone chain is an eye-catching delight that has kept it on our best-selling list for months. If it’s calling you, it will no doubt captivate your colleagues.

The combination of tassels and rhinestones on ivory enamel of multiple charms is inspired in the roaring 20’s, earning the name for this piece, the Gatsby Chain Lanyard. While this piece is light-hearted and gives the wearer so much for their hands to fiddle with throughout the workday, the goldtone and shimmer give that show-stopping elegance that you’re after at in your office.

Other Top Suggestions for Goldtone Lanyards for the Office

Intricate, India-inspired designs always come into the forefront of fashion and when the trend is on, it comes in with a fury! Many people around the world are curious about the ancient subcontinent and feed some of that with jewelry, yoga and dance classes. Let yourself fall in love with our Exotic Orchid Fashion lanyard.

Butterflies always make women smile. The symbolism of a metamorphosis, hiding away shyly only to emerge, full-grown and in full color is symbolic of many women’s journeys. Not to mention that they are simply pretty, free beings that like to hang around flowers. This goldtone butterfly charm and tassel lanyard is a great purchase that will keep you happy around the office.

Our lanyards average at only $11 - $20 each. At such great pricing, you can afford to add on a couple of goldtone accessories, such as a golden badge reel or purse!

Goldtone lanyards for the office

Image: Exotic, Florence lanyards, Boojee Bead’s gold wallet and two goldtone retractable badge reels. Note: items are not to actual size.

Stay ahead of the curve with our Boojee Beads functional ID jewelry. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or speak with an in-house representative at 888-726-6533.

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