As soon as the calendar turns to August, everyone seems to have “Back to School” on the brain—you might be preparing to meet your child’s new teacher, seeing more and more ads for clothing sales, and starting to make a list for school supply shopping. August is also the month that many students head back, or leave for the first time, to college. Many of us probably know at least one relative, friend or neighbor sending a new student off to college this month. But what makes a good gift for the soon to be college student? Aside from all of the essential dorm room supplies, give a gift that is fun, functional, or thoughtful. Even a simple and inexpensive gift can be the perfect present.

Storage box gift basket. There are two things college students will definitely need: Storage and snacks! Combine both in a handmade gift basket. Use a storage tub or small fabric box and fill with a variety of snacks and treats. Once the student takes the box to college, he or she can enjoy the snacks and then put the storage to good use!

Photo frames. As the student packs to leave home, he or she will appreciate empty photo frames. These frames can be packed to hold photos of new memories made at college, or can be filled with pictures of family and friends to be displayed in their new dorm room or apartment.

College badge reel. One of the first things a new student will receive at college is an ID card. Often times, this card is essential—their room key, a library card, access to their dining plan, and a credit card, all in one. A badge reel can help students keep their ID close at hand and protected. No fumbling around in a backpack or purse trying to find it! Plus, selecting a collegiate badge reel for the student’s new school is a thoughtful show of support and school spirit.

Instagram canvas print. College students will be looking for ways to personalize their new room. If you have access to the student’s Instagram account, choose a scenic photo and have it printed on a photo canvas for a unique and one-of-a-kind gift he or she will likely have for many years to come.

Have fun finding the perfect gift! For collegiate badge reels and other accessories, peruse the products on our website.

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