Wouldn’t it be nice if our favorite accessories were practical as well as fashionable? We here at Boojee Beads thought so. This is why we created a line of fun wallet lanyards. You can’t spell functional without fun. Come and discover your newest favorite accessory.

Our Wallet Lanyards Combine Sturdiness With Style

Fashion has finally caught up with real life in Boojee Beads’ wallet lanyards. We created our lanyards with a sturdy leather strap interwoven with beautiful chain accents. The result of this clever combination is a wallet lanyard that is as strong as you are. No matter what you put it through in the course of your busy day, it will keep your ID badge secure while adding that touch of class you deserve.

Wallet Lanyards With All the Features You Expect

When you use a wallet lanyard, you need to know that the items you carry in it are safe. We agree with this. We designed each lanyard to be as secure as possible with all of our standard features. The lobster claw clip holds the keyring in place with enough strength to withstand tug after tug.

We have added one of our classic key rings for added convenience. Attach frequently-used keys to keep them handy with no worries.

Our lanyard strap of the same faux leather in the No. 5CelineGabrielle and Coco wallets can take it! The wallet features a clear plastic pocket side to display your ID card, and on the other side two slots to keep ID badges, credit cards, driver’s license, business cards and other standard-sized cards.

designer wallet lanyards

Our Odessa Lanyard is also popular because of its zip pocket for change and matching lanyard that you can purchase separately or buy together for big savings.

Wallet Lanyards for the Office, for Moms and Travelers!

Our wallet lanyards are designed to keep up with you throughout your hectic workday, but they also make an excellent after-hours companion. Once your workday is done, slip your ID badges out, tuck your credit card and drivers license in and you are ready to hit the town.

The chain accents of the lanyard make them look like a stylish necklace you can wear anywhere.

If you don’t need the wallet, simply unhook it, add one of our pendants and you have a trendy necklace. Our wallet lanyards are designed to be worn in at least four different ways. How many more will you find?

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Who Wears Our Wallet Lanyards?

Of course, our wallet lanyards are the most popular in the workplace, but they are not exclusively for working women. Anyone can enjoy the freedom and security these lanyards offer.

Moms on the go will love the freedom of having this hands-free security. Slip your drivers license, debit card, and a bit of cash in the wallet. Clip your keys on the key ring and you are now free to grab the kids and diaper bag. Our wallet lanyards can be an integral part of your routine, where you only have to keep track of 1 item, and you’ve got it all there together. You even have that touch of sparkle to make you feel a bit sassy again.

Are you heading to the gym? Take our wallet lanyard along and keep your valuables with you instead of laying around unsupervised or in a locker out of sight.

Will you be shopping during the holidays this year? Take one of our lanyards with you.

All your credit cards and cash will be right in front of you while you compare prices. Rarely will you worry about pickpockets again.

Boojee Beads Fully Endorses Vacations

On vacation? We here at Boojee Beads love vacations as much as you do. Our wallet lanyards make excellent beach accessories. Imagine not having to juggle your purse along with the beach chairs and towels. Your cash and room key are securely around your neck and right at hand. The only worry you may have will be your tan lines.

Buy Your Wallet Lanyards From the Company that Cares

Boojee Beads is a unique company founded by working women who know what a woman wants and needs in the workplace. They understand how important it is to keep your individuality while conforming to your company’s dress code and security requirements. Each one of our items has been carefully thought out with women in mind. You can read our story here.

We have competitive pricing so you can shop without the guilt. All of our items are protected by our satisfaction guarantee allowing you to order worry-free. Contact us today to discover the easiest way to combine practicality and fashion in one brilliant wallet lanyard.

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