Many young professionals hold jobs or student interns in workplaces that require them to carry around an I.D. at all times. While this is a necessity for security and administrative purposes, people usually have to find workaround around the hassle of having to take it out of the wallet every time and yet, importantly, not lose it. Usually people buy an I.D. lanyard to hang around their neck, but the traditional ones are unattractive and boring. BooJee Beads unique lanyards, on the contrary, are a more fun way to wear I.D.s.

We have a stock of many bright lanyards that come in a variety of unique styles. These lanyards will provide you with an option that helps to match your personal style while also continuing to be very functional.

While we have many different lanyards to choose from, our most popular continue to be our chain and beaded lanyards because of their excellent quality. Most of our models have an easy clip, that as soon as you’re done with your day, you can unhook the I.D. badge, hide it away in your purse and the lanyard on its own looks like a stunning piece of jewelry.

Overall, we have more than 45 different types of beaded lanyards for you to choose from. These beaded lanyards come in a wide variety of styles and colors, which means that you will be able to find something that meets your style. These beaded lanyards, which hang comfortably around your neck, range from simple silver and gold colors all the way to wild beads that include all the colors of the rainbow.

With all of the options that we have to choose from, anyone will be able to find a beaded lanyard that works for them.

Chain Lanyards

Our metallic chain lanyards are one of our top sellers. These chain lanyards are very popular for a variety of reasons: one of them being that they provide a great style option. With the amount of silver and industrial grey jewelry that is worn today, the chain lanyards fit right into someone’s overall style. For those that are looking for other types of lanyards, the chain can also be found in a variety of other colors including gold, copper, and many different painted colors. 

Metallic jewelry lanyard

The chain lanyards are also beneficial to anyone that is looking for something more durable. Due to the material that they are made from, these lanyards are very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse. This makes them a great option for anyone that moves around a lot during the day.

Fabric Lanyards

Fabric lanyards are an excellent choice because polyester is rather durable and the ribbons are machine-washable. They also stand out, visually, with a great sense of style and customization. 

Fabric lanyard with retractable badge reel
BooJee Beads sells more than 60 different types of fabric lanyards, which can come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Furthermore, they are very comfortable and have a practical retractable badge reel attached.

This is a bonus, 3-in-1 deal. You can tug on the I.D. from the badge reel, and stretch out the cord to reach a card reader, keyhole, security window, etc. The fun part is the cord neatly coils itself back into the charm.


While the lanyards are very fun and come in a wide variety of different styles, they are also very functional and serve a variety of productive purposes. One of the main advantages of the lanyards is that they allow you to stay compliant with your dress code. Depending on where you work, you may need to have present your I.D. at all times. When you wear lanyards around your neck and attach your I.D. to the clip, you can be assured that your I.D. will be constantly visible.

Another advantage of the lanyards is that they make it much easier to remember your I.D. when you go to work. If you are required to wear an I.D. to work on a daily basis, you will quickly find that it is easy to forget to wear it some days. If you forget to wear the I.D., it could put you in an uncomfortable position with your workplace and security there. 

Small life skills hint: so that you don’t forget your I.D. many people hang the lanyard around near their vanity mirror, hang it on a clip near the door, or off of the doorknob. It will be much easier to remember to grab on a daily basis. Furthermore, the attached I.D. case will help to protect the I.D. This will greatly help to increase your chances of staying compliant with the dress code on a daily basis. 


If you are interested in the lanyards that we sell, you should contact us at Boojee Beads. We have a wide selection of lanyards, I.D. cases, and other products that could be a great addition to your wardrobe. When you are trying to contact us, a great place to start is online. You can also try to call us at 888-726-6533 during our normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. 

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