Just by glancing at someone’s attire, you can tell that they are part of the corporate tribe. Telltale fashion signs you work in Corporate America include:

  • Neutral tones all the way. It makes me look serious.
  • The day I wear color, it’s red, you know, just to assert myself.
  • Every piece is tailor-fitted and, admittedly, just a little hard to breathe in.
  • My wardrobe is usually classic, with the occasional inspired piece that my friends have had to ask me if it’s intended as “modern art.”
  • Polyblends make me perspire during the summer but I still wear them because they don’t wrinkle.
  • I hate to iron, yet I have a portable steam iron in my desk, another in my car and another in my travel bag.
  • Dress heels. Always. Makes me taller.
  • My ID badge is attached somewhere to my clothes to keep my office keycard, security ID badge, credit card, house keys, car keys -and brain- securely fashioned.

Our insight into women's professional clothing

A former Fortune 500 exec and a busy nurse founded Boojee Beads to help businesswomen with at least one area of their life: replacing the boring ID badges with attractive ID jewelry that boosts corporate outfits with personality and a tiny dose of self-assertion. Boojee Beads opened and has led the ID jewelry industry, starting with lanyards and badge holders.

Boojee Beads has you covered. We’ve got practical ribbon lanyards that rope all of your belongings in one place and in a variety of styles that match a corporate look, as well as that “modern art” piece of wardrobe that you love so much.

“To make your entire team look great, contact Boojee Beads to discover if your order would qualify for a bulk discount

Our ribbon lanyards are made of washable 100% polyester and all come with a lobster hook at the end.

Some of them come with just the hook at the end, while other models have the 3-in-1, retractable badge reel, ID badge loop featuring a breakaway clasp around the neck.

  • The retractable badge reel is essential for anyone who has to use their keycard, keys, ID badge multiple times a day, since the badge reel uses a 32” cord and coil action that makes it easy to tug on the ID badge or keys, stretch out the cord to reach, then the cord retracts back into the badge holder.
  • On the back of the badge reel you’ll find a clip that you can use to hang off of a belt loop or pocket.
  • The retractable badge reel includes the ID badge loop, as well.
  • A breakaway safety clasp can save you from a fall or accident when your lanyard gets caught on something. It will simply snap open with a strong tug and … no harm done. You can just snap it back together.

Black Ribbons for Your B&W Corporate Suit

The Ebony and Ivory lanyard is one of our top-selling ribbon lanyards all around. The pattern can be described as tribal, leafy or almost like in a loose fleur de lis style.

In contrast, the B&W Scroll Ribbon Lanyard has a stunningly-designed, symmetrical scroll along the ribbon that is repeated on the retractable badge reel.

The octogonal shape of the Moray Ribbon Lanyard is what dictates the placement of the rest of the geometric shapes around it. An unusual shape, the eight-sided pattern is also one of our popular ribbon lanyards.

A gorgeous option is the black and white polka dot skinny ribbon lanyard. The clear gem-like piece at the end of the lanyard is hypnotic, adding an inescapable focal point to your corporate attire.

Hypnotic Gem Lanyards for Your Outfit

The large gem-like look of these skinny ribbon lanyards will steal the show. We have them in blue and pink.

Exotic, Purple-toned Lanyard

The India Ribbon Lanyard is a new addition and has already been wildly popular. If you’re doubting what to get someone as a gift or if this truly is an attractive piece, the color and swirls have enchanted our customers.

Colorfully Creative Lanyard

Appropriately named, the bright, flowery pattern of the Liberty Ribbon Lanyard gives you a get-a-little zany creative license. This lanyard will serve to heighten the look on the day you feel like wearing your creative pieces from your wardrobe.

Boojee Beads makes fashionable ribbon lanyards for women in the corporate world and in various other fields, such as busy teachers and professional nurses, so don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning reps with any questions about our lanyards, badge reel holders, wallets and more products.

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