You’re special. You are. So enjoy surrounding yourself with things that you like and fit your personality completely. You wouldn’t wear shoes that are three sizes too big or too small, so while you may have to wear a uniform for practical purposes, surround yourself with things that speak to you and help your great personality shine. Here at Boojee Beads, we have broken out of the cookie-cutter mode. Our fashionable badge reels give you an outlet for self-expression while you are in uniform.

A Badge Reel for Every Profession

We have a badge reel for everyone from the ball field to the boardroom. Our reel collections are thoughtfully designed to allow anyone the freedom to show the world who you really are.

Our targeted collections feature badge reels for nurses to show their pride in their profession. While some offices allow patterned scrubs, most places require the solid, traditional nurses’ scrubs. Cute band-aids and heart designs help nurses put their patients at ease by letting them see your caring side.

Teachers can make an impressive connection with their students when they wear our themed badge reels. We get an A+ for our reels depicting a classic chalkboard or an apple for the teacher. Do you have more than one favorite teacher? We offer these badge reels in multi-packs. These handy packs let you show each teacher how you feel while caring for your budget.

Let Your Personality Blossom With Our Flower Badge Reels

How do you enjoy beautiful flowers on a dreary winter day? With our flower themed badge reels, you can keep the memory of spring fresh while keeping your ID badge secure. Choose from large jeweled flowers or reels with tiny flower accents. Keep your look as fresh as your personality.

Our flowers are not as delicate as they look. Swipe after swipe of your ID badge will not make these flowers wilt. Their strength comes from our 32-inch cord and alligator clip. The retractable nylon cord prevents tangles and kinks while still long enough to let you swipe your ID badge without removing it.

The alligator clip swivels to keep your badge straight while protecting your garments from tears.

Badge Reels with Sophistication

In the corporate world, whimsy is not always appropriate. You can still show your personality with our badge reels. Our collections include a wide array of reels fashioned after modern and classic jewelry.

When you want to add some class to your office wear, try one of our hammered metal or rhinestone reels. This is where fashion and function come together. We have combined the best of our beautiful designs with all the durability you rely on.

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Don’t Forget the Accessories

No badge reel is complete without a bi-way pocket to protect your ID badge. If you swipe your badge several times a day, our swiper holder is just for you. Securely holding your ID at the top while leaving the magnetic strip free makes this the perfect companion for your ID badge reel.

Badge Reels That Let You Show Your School Pride

Do you have a college athlete in the family? Are you supporting your Alma mater in the big game? You can express your pride in your school with our collegiate badge reels. These Pewter reels are available in two sizes and include over 60 school choices.

Our collegiate badge reels are an excellent gift for teachers and professors. Years after these reels are no longer in use, they are still wonderful mementos of your crazy college days.

For more than 15 years, BooJee Beads has been listening to our customers and using what they say to improve our products. Women face enough challenges in the business world. Fumbling with ID badges need not be one of those challenges again. Come and visit our website and browse our complete line of fashionable badge reels.

Our company was founded by working women who built this business based on a woman’s view of the products.

We make shopping simple. Each order is covered by our satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with your order, we will help you return it, no questions asked.

All of our products are competitively priced, allowing you to stay fashionable without overspending.

Contact us today and discover the only source you will ever need for the latest fashionable badge reels.

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