Today, there are many places that require you to wear a security or ID badge. The most common way to keep up with these badges is a lanyard hung around your neck, but let’s face it: traditional lanyards are boring. BooJee Beads has brought the lanyard into the fashion forefront with a wide array of functional ribbon, beaded, and chain lanyards.

Why follow the crowd when you can fire up your fashions with a stunning lanyard? Even if you are simply carrying keys and your ID for a quick trip to the store, our lanyards are an excellent accessory. Let’s look at a few ways a new stylish ribbon lanyard can help you make just the right fashion statement. 

1. Punch Up That Power 

SuitIn the corporate world, fashion is sometimes overlooked in favor of more muted, sophisticated styles. After all, you really would not be taken seriously in the boardroom in a polka dot sundress. This is an excellent opportunity to make that boring ID badge work in your favor with a classy ribbon lanyard.

Do not let the name put you off. These are not ordinary boring lanyards. In fact, some of them are 3-in-one and lots of fun. A retractable badge reel dangles from the end of the lanyards, allowing you to swipe through your security office doors in a cinch.

                                               Fashion Ribbon Lanyards: 4 Fun Patterns For a Unique Outfit . 


All of our durable polyester ribbon lanyards are crafted with stylish, eye-catching designs in a rainbow of colors. Wear your favorite color or find one that brings out the color of your eyes, skin or fingernail polish. Wearing one of our lanyards is like wearing a bit of your own personality, just the right amount of pop without being overwhelming.

Are ribbons not quite your style? Never fear, our lanyards come in chain and beaded styles as well. Catch their attention with a shimmering chain lanyard.

                                        Have fun browsing our more than 150 lanyards

2. Your Buddy At The Beach 

How many times have you juggled your car keys along with everything else at the beach only to drop them in the sand? Well, dig no more. Our ribbon lanyards are the perfect way to keep your keys safe while still being lightweight and cool. Do not worry about those tan lines, either. Just reverse the lanyard to your back and tan away.

Our fun patterns are a wonderful way to enhance the tropical feel of a day at the beach, and the vibrant colors keep you from losing your keys in the sand. With so many designs to pick from, everyone in the family can showcase their own style. From cherries to Navajo prints, there is a lanyard for every taste. 

3. The Happiest Health Care

Any nurse can tell you that the scrubs they must wear can be dull at best. Some offices allow fun print scrubs, but for the most part, they are plain. Our ribbon lanyards bring that perfect spark to dull scrubs with vibrant colors. Our nursing ribbon lanyards are a favorite. Not only do they keep pens, keys, and ID badges handy, they also let you express a fun side of yourself. Your patients will appreciate this as they are usually in a stressful situation. A happy ribbon lanyard will help put patients at ease. 

4. Don’t Forget DadOur ribbon lanyards are not just for the ladies 

We have several sophisticated designs for men, as well. Send him out to work with a smart lanyard in a Navajo print or a design especially for dads. Add a fashionable ID holder and dad will be the talk of the town. Whether pairing a lanyard with a suit and tie or a weekend on the golf course, our ribbon lanyards go with any outfit dad chooses.

Every Season is Lanyard Season

Our ribbon lanyards are as functional as they are attractive. For the best selection of fashion lanyards, come by and visit our website. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many ways you can accentuate any outfit.

We also offer outstanding pricing, making it easy for you to select several designs.

Buy one for every occasion. Purchase several for gift giving! People love the style and functionality.

We even have lanyards for the pet lovers in the family. Do not let another day go by without one of the hottest and practical accessories in your wardrobe.

Ordering is easy on our website. Or contact us today or call 888-726-6533. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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