At BooJee, we are all about making school or workplace fashion fun, which makes our products ideal for the new graduate! Whether you just graduated from high school and are heading to a summer internship or preparing to go off to college, or you are a recent grad getting ready to enter the workplace, you will love these top fashion picks.

Elevate your ID fashion. Expecting to be issued a student or workplace ID at your new school or job? We have the perfect way to turn your drab ID into a fashion statement: fashion lanyards and badge reels from BooJee Beads! Among our beaded, chain, and fabric lanyards, as well as our line of fashion badge reels, you will find a lanyard to match your style. Many of our lanyards have a detachable clasp, meaning you can easily wear them as a necklace, too!

Find a roomy, durable handbag. Your choice of a bag for school or work is everything! After all, this bag needs to hold all your essentials—from your laptop and your planner to your water bottle and lunch and everything in between. We suggest finding a roomy, durable tote, like the Odessa Large Tote, which features a padded pocket for your laptop or tablet, and pairing it with a clutch wallet that you can use on those occasions when you want to leave your larger bag in your dorm room or your office.

Pack your cosmetic bag. Sometimes lip glosses or tubes of concealer end up tossed loose into your bag, despite your best intentions. Instead, keep all your essentials tucked away in a cute cosmetic bag, lined with a flexible plastic material that makes it easy to clean. With your cosmetics safely stored, you will not risk your handbag becoming damaged from a leak or spill.

Find other top fashion products at BooJee Beads! From designer handbags to gorgeous fashion lanyards, we have everything you need to stay stylish.

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