Don’t worry. When you have to buy a lanyard for work, or simply to rope together all of your belongings in one place, a pretty, fashion lanyard that can also multitask does not have to be expensive. We can show you how to find the best deal on our online store for your next lanyard.

  1. Visit the Boojee Beads home page. You’ll be happy to see that we very often have a special offer so you don’t really have to choose “just one,” when you’re in love with five of them!

  2. Click on the Lanyards category and select “All” from the menu. From the “Sort By” drop down menu on the right side of the page, just above the photos of the first products, choose “Price: Ascending.”

  3. Look for a “discounted” red tag over the product image while you are browsing the lanyards.

  4. On the homepage, scroll to the very bottom and subscribe to our email list. Simply write your email address in the field on the bottom right for special discounts. You’ll be the first to see our newest styles! Later on, whenever you’re ready to buy, you can see what offers we have for our clientele.

  5. Write to one of our award-winning representatives at Boojee Beads to see if your order would qualify for a bulk order discount.


Get a discount now without having to take any steps at all!
Below we’ve listed our gift sets and most economically-priced pieces that make it easy to start stacking up in your shopping cart.

Pretty Price, Pretty Lanyard

ribbon lanyard with cute paws ribbon lanyard with emoji print


Our most affordable fashion lanyards start at just $9. Choose from a cute paw print design, emojis or elephants and hearts.

The ribbon ends with a key ring as well as a lobster hook sewn in to the bottom and held on with a metallic piece. The lobster hook makes it super easy for you to detach your ID badge holder for the many times you’ll need to show it. It is also perfect to hang your retractable badge holder.

From there, most of our exclusively-designed lanyards by Boojee Beads run from $10-$11. Hint: one of our hottest-selling chain lanyards in this price range is the Renata, with its chic use of geometric shapes and mix of metallic tones.

Retractable Badge Reel Packs Give You A Deal

2-pack badge reels for nurses

badge reels for nurse 2 pack


Normally, our retractable badge reels can run between $8 - $16, but this 2-pack is discounted.

3-pack retractable badge reels

3 pack pink ribbon breast cancer badge reels

Pink Ribbon - $18

cute badge reels with animals

Cute Critters - $18

fashion badge reels with flower pack of 3

Flower Themed - $18

funny badge reels pack of three

Sassy Sayings - $18

4-pack retractable badge reels for Teachers!

badge reels for teachers pack of four


That’s right. Each one comes out to only $5.50 if you purchase this pack especially for teachers. The school designs included are of a cute blackboard with ABC written on it; the classic apple; a school bus and written ode for teachers who inspire!

5-pack retractable badge reels for Teachers!


This pack includes all of the badge reels in the 4-pack plus one with colorful icons for “Peace, Love, Teach.”

Gift Sets: A Great Deal and Great Gift Idea!


With a variety of packages, to choose from, we discount the items and package them in a box, as a ready gift for that working woman in your life!

>>> Keeping track of your ID badge, wallet, keys, keycard and cellphone can be a little overwhelming, but not with our affordable, lanyards that are so fun you’ll want to keep them with you all the time! Contact Boojee Beads with any question.

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