Why settle for making an average impression wearing a common lanyard ribbon when you can shine as bright as a diamond with a spectacular chain for your name badge?

Human beings may all be equal but we are definitely not the same. Personality rules, and whether you are in a business meeting or using your lanyard every day for your ID badge at work, have fun and feel comfortable being yourself!

Easily unclip your name tag from the hinge when you are off the clock and our deluxe lanyards double as a beautiful fashion accessory.

Fashion Chain Lanyards to Match Your Fashion Style

What accessories make you feel great?

We have something for all personalities (browse our collection here), so add a little glam factor with our wide variety of lanyards of beads, charms, polished metals, antiqued styles and rhinestones.

  • Sophisticated, well-polished designs?
  • Bright, enviable jewelry?
  • Items that constantly feed you and the people around you good messages?
  • Self-described bohemian?

Out of the sea of people wearing the standard ribbon, you will definitely be admired as a trendsetter.

Bonus: it’s an irresistible conversation-starter.

Italian-style elegance

For those who relish modern, European-style designs, our lanyards will harmonize perfectly with your refined fashion sense. We would suggest a chain lanyard that combines different polished metals for a crisp, sleek look.

There is no doubt that while you may enjoy the thrill of working on your creative projects, that the traditional uniform of red, blue and black polyester lanyards symbolize to you the mundane duties of work and conferences.

Instead, look like a piece of walking art with a chic lanyard.

Square and wide necklines will wonderfully satisfy the eye and make you feel like a Mona Lisa.

Set off your neutral outfit with color, color, color!

Are you outgoing and like speaking with people? A top fashion tip of all times is to highlight one feature – and do it well. All eyes will gravitate unequivocally towards the one feature you’ve chosen.

And if you have ever found yourself in a friendly conversation with a stranger over a piece of striking jewelry or clothing, then you know this is a smart fashion strategy if you want people to approach you. We’re talking networking events, high profile conferences in your sector, or large meetings with your new colleagues. Give them an excuse to come up to you and say hi!

How would you implement this?

Wear all neutral shades: the whole spectrum of greys from light to deep, white, off-whites, eggshell, beiges, black from head to toe. Then grab people’s attention with a colorful lanyard!

This unique piece may be just the magnet to draw them in and get another friendly conversation going! Just as you are attracted to the turquoise, and contrast of these examples below, so will others.


Have you been described as “all heart”? Maybe you or your family have experienced something that impacted you so profoundly that you want to keep that fresh at all times. A tender reminder that life is precious.

Our unique lanyards are another way to surround yourself with all of those positive messages. Charms with a subtle cross, menorah or a pink ribbon are some examples of those inspiring life messages that you wish to inhale every minute of your day.

You are not the only one.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a gift on hand when you come across a kindred spirit, or someone who could use a mini talisman for mental fortitude and peace? They will remember that moment forever when you put a lanyard like this in the palm of their hand.

Choose from our collection for yourself and keep a few on hand!

Sophisticated Bohemian

There’s no point in denying that you’re dazzled by everything exotic, highly decorative and unusual. You experience great pleasure in piling on another beautiful, portable thing onto your outfit. Although tassels and off-shoulder, cotton peasant shirts have been all the rage for a couple of seasons, they’ve always featured as a part of your style.

Travel, art, and any handsomely intricate item light up and sound the alarm on your radar.

Our lanyards of bohemian jingly beads, chains, tassels and charms are also purposefully designed to fit right in to any high street fashion style. These make such a statement, yet are still so incredibly a la mode and flexible. They can accessorize any top: paisley, colorful, muted – you name it! All of our work accessories are on-trend and highlight your personality wherever you go. When it’s time to clock out, simply unhook the ID badge – and go! Your lanyard is now a necklace, another piece of jewelry.

If you zoom in on our lanyards with more beads, you’ll be tempted to start twirling the gem-like beads and chains in your hands. It serves as a great fidget toy in those typical moments where your brain is on overdrive.

Browse our entire collection here and find something to match your personality!

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