At BooJee Beads, we’re all about fun and functional fashion. That is why we’ve created our unique line of fashion ID lanyards that easily transition into necklaces. These will be a versatile accessory in your wardrobe, particularly for those occasions that you want to wear your workday outfit through the evening. Maybe you have a fun dinner out planned or you have an upscale work event to attend. Whatever the occasion, we have a variety of dressy ID lanyards that will take you from day to night!

  • Anna Fashion Lanyard – Popular mixed metals are featured in this gorgeous link lanyard that transitions into a necklace. The gold and silver accents pair so well with a variety of outfits, from classic black to bold colorful patterns. 
  • Moonflower Fashion Lanyard – If you are seeking a statement piece that will define your outfit, choose this Moonflower Fashion Lanyard. The large crystal flower accent will add flair to your workplace wardrobe or, when you remove the breakaway hook, become the focal point of a stunning necklace. 
  • Juliet Fashion Lanyard – We love this elegant piece both as a lanyard and a necklace. The polished gold details will truly elevate your workplace outfit! 
  • Dawn Fashion Lanyard - This stylish lanyard features smoky gray and black beads offset by champagne and neutral colored stones for a striking look. The magnetic breakaway clasp allows you to instantly turn this beautiful ID lanyard into a necklace for the evening. 
  • London Fashion Lanyard – This chic, funky lanyard features silver metal loops and clear beads and will complement any wardrobe. In fact, we love it just as much with hospital scrubs as we do with a black evening dress!

These are just a few of the many fashion lanyards available at BooJee Beads. Shop the entire collection now and find your new favorite! 

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