Somehow keys are the one item that seem to always get left behind. As if they have a secret life of their own, they hide out until you are ready to take off, only for to you spend the next two hours searching for them. From experience, the best method to keep track of your keys is to literally, physically attach them to yourself with a lanyard. Boojee Beads knows this well and has designed functional jewelry down to the detail to leash-in your mischievous keys.

4-in1 Detachable Keychain with Wallet

Our top suggestion wins its place not only for the designer touch of combining the chain and strap for strength and beauty, but for its high versatility. The lightweight, simple wallet has a slit with clear plastic covering on one side for you to slip your ID card. The other side has two slits for credit-card-sized items.

This is a supremely practical and attractive choice because you can keep the extra slots stocked with your business cards to have on-hand to give at important meetings, a coffee shop, coworking space, trade conventions, industry trainings and wherever you meet your potential clients.

The keychain is removable, and can be linked back into place easily. We top off our creation with our designer Boojee label charm.

2-in-1 Permanent Sewed-in Keychain Lanyard

Our lightweight 2-in-1 designer keychain lanyards permanently sew-in the keychain loop so there’s no way you’ll lose your keys. This lanyard uses a swiveling lobster hook to allow whatever you attach to it to move easily with you. The ribbons come in a variety of styles, which we at Boojee Beads update frequently to give you style options and stay up to date with the latest fashions. At an average of just $9, these are easy on the pocket and so practical they are a must-have.

The seam on this lanyard that keeps the keys permanently attached is popular with teachers and daycare staff. When you have a normal lanyard where you can detach the keys, children unhook them to play and –poof!- magically disappear your keys. In contrast, the permanence of the seam that keeps the keychain loop attached in this 2-in-1 design is a particularly childproof feature.

Bonitas seam Keychain lanyard Diagram

Another great feature: the durable polyester ribbon is machine-washable.

Pretty Jewelry Bracelet

This handy bracelet keychain (pun intended) at just $11 is one of our hottest sellers. The tassel is a fancy, eye-catching element to any piece of jewelry. Here, our bracelet keychains shine with a mix of pearly and rhinestone beads.

The bracelets come with a keychain loop as well as clasp to give you the option to add something else, such as an ID, or to hang it off of your purse zipper.

The bracelets are a great option for the fashionista who takes traveling light seriously. They are affordable enough that they make a great gift that will remind them of you every time they move.


Most of our pieces at Boojee Beads are hand-made and of metal. We 100% guarantee the workmanship of our products and our products are backed by a limited warranty.

Boojee Beads was started by working women for working women who love to feel unique.

Don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning U.S.-based customer service team. 

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