Where do you fall on the spectrum on the subject of fashion? There has long been a hot debate on clothing for women: whether society imposes stricter appearance and grooming standards on women, versus some women’s desires to dress up or dress down. Occasionally, the debate even turns tense.

Well, as it so happens, we can relax because for various seasons the haute couture runways have thoroughly enjoyed playing in a puddle of almost unisex 90s retro fashion.

So, leave the platform high heels for the party. Today, relaxed, functional and loose office attire is IN season. What is an appropriate way to maximize the femininity to this look?

The details. This is where BooJee Bead’s lines of on-trend elaborate lanyards and other accessories can add an exciting touch to your on-trend work attire.

Black, white, grey, sleek. Crop tops, blazers, knits, an occasional cinched waist. Bazaar magazine describes Alexander Wang’s latest working woman’s outfits revealed in Times Square “Working Girl Meets the Matrix.” Louis Vuitton in textured tans, mixed with solid blacks and greys. An occasional golf-inspired sweater-vest from the 90s wardrobe. Big collars are back and plaids featured at least a couple of times in most designers’ runways who chose to add a power suit in their Fall season 2018 collections.

BooJee Beads Lanyards for In-Style Office Wear

Designer Beaded Lanyards: Latest Office Fashion TrendsDo we have choices for you to set off your outfit!

Our Renata I.D. Necklace in geometric shapes in shiny metallic complements plaids perfectly. Anything with a lot of beads, rhinestones or charms can easily overwhelm the outfit and get lost in the busyness of the plaid pattern. But this lanyard is one of our most popular this season among office trendsetters.

The rhinestones on our Kiawah model and black shiny centers offset any neutral color, especially greys and brown tones for the ultimate, self-assured woman in the office. This is a highly classic look, only inset in rose-gold-tone. With subdued colors as your base in your outfit, you can really do it up with rhinestones, another neutral color, such as navy, etc.

For ease for the woman-on-the-go, some of our lanyards close with magnetic safety clasps.

More Than Just a Lanyard

Designer Beaded Lanyards: Latest Office Fashion TrendsOur company took off based on the overwhelmingly positive reaction towards a heartwarming gesture that a little girl made to her mother. Eight year-old Katie glammed up her mother’s hospital I.D. badge so that she would remember her throughout her day. You can only imagine the response among the coworkers to a unique, pretty little badge holder.

They began hand making these and the response was amazing. Laura, Katie’s mother went into business with her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez, who happened to have been a Fortune 500 exec. From there on, this woman-directed home business went on to break the million-dollar mark barrier within only three years and won awards.

As a working woman, you contribute in many ways to the success of other hard-working women like yourself. Wearing any one of BooJee Beads’ products, you will find yourself at the center of attention. And knowing that is a story about real women, real bonds, real work and success behind this beautiful piece of I.D. jewelry, you’ll really have something to talk about.

Not only is it top in fashion, but you can wear it proudly.

Great Gift For Working Moms

You’ll never believe the delight in a working mom’s eyes when you give her a piece of BooJee identification jewelry as a present. Although set at very affordable prices, any one of our fashionable badge holders will leave her highly impressed and thankful. We have a variety of colors, materials and styles.

A Selling Opportunity – BooJee Beads Sells Itself!

When you see the reaction of the people around you, you’ll naturally get asked where you got your accessories. They are so attractive, functional and affordable that they sell themselves.

We also have very uniquely functional and attractive pieces that you cannot go wrong with, such as:

  • eyeglass holders with a big loop in the center, hanging from chains like a necklace
  • efficient wallets that fit just your I.D. card behind a transparent plastic window, and also serves as a coin purse with a zipper that can hang from a lanyard
  • keychains
  • retractable badge reels
  • I.D. card badge sleeves

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