Nurses have a challenging job. It’s a big help when they can find something to make their shifts a bit easier – and at a great price! BooJee Beads has just what the nurses ordered. Our exciting line of decorative badge holders not only fit right in with a nurse’s hectic day, they do so with style and affordability in mind. Forget the typical black-and-blue lanyards. Doesn’t that sound like a bruise? Look like a ray of sunshine, instead! Browse our uplifting nurse-themed retractable badge reels, practical and beautiful lanyards - and take advantage of our discount badge reel packages! (see bottom)

Badge Holder Lanyards that Fill a Nurse's Needs

                            Emoji Key Ribbon Lanyards

As a nurse you are the heart and soul of any medical facility. You handle the charts, gather patient information, take vitals and put patients at ease. With everything else you do, worrying about your ID badge should not be one of them.

Our lanyards are durable as well as beautiful. Each one is made with special attention to the smallest details that make the biggest differences. We keep your safety in mind by using quality breakaway clasps that hold securely all day but release if the lanyard should get caught.

Our fabric lanyards are made from a washable polyester to keep you looking fresh every day. All you need to do is send them in for a quick spin with your scrubs on laundry day.

Hang your keys from the keychain ring along as well as your ID badge from the swiveling lobster clasp. They are strong enough to hold it all securely all day. Keep your pen handy by clipping it to your lanyard, too. We have you covered.

For the Stylish Nurse – You!

What’s your mood this week? Maybe you’ve been wanting to add a little sophistication to your look, with things looking good you want to look just as good. Some nurses, however, hesitate to wear anything other than the tried-and-true classic ribbon lanyards.

                         Black and Metallic Beaded Lanyards

One of the BooJee Beads founders was a nurse, so we offer some beaded collections with high quality metallic materials for sturdiness.

We also have durable decorative badge holders. When coupled with a nurse-themed badge reel, you are able to create a look that is uniquely you.

Bring out your elegant side with our chain lanyards. Designed with the hottest jewelry styles in mind, they are as lovely as they are strong. Built to be durable and equipped with a breakaway clasp, our chains will release before they break.

Amp up the glamour by adding one of our stunning pendants. There is no better way to transition from the clinic to a night on the town. Our lanyards have a strong spinning lobster hook to prevent tangles.

Unhook your ID and replace it with a pendant. Our badge holders hold everything securely in place until you remove it.

Badge Reels for the Real Nurse

Many decorative badge holders are mass produced with inferior materials. The plastic is cheap and the slip-over clips often snap off after just a few uses.

                                                  Rose Flower Badge Reels

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a product only to see it fail with little use. Especially something that is an integral, necessary part of your uniform at work. These products were not made with real-life situations in mind. Remember: made by a nurse for nurses.

Boojee Beads took a practical approach to this issue. The spinning alligator clip have teeth that hold the clip tightly to the fabric, yet the swivel feature allows your ID badge to hang straight no matter how you move. It moves with you!

Conversely, static clip works like a money clip, and simply hangs from a pocket.

Every badge reel has a 32-inch polyester retractable cord for ease of use. You can swipe or scan your ID without removing it. With everything a nurse needs to remember, your ID badge will never be one of those things again.

BooJee Beads Decorative Badge Holders Make Great Gifts

                                 Nurse-Themed Badge Reels

Does your child love their pediatric nurse? Does she always take the sting out of a shot? Why not honor her with a Nurse-themed badge holder as a gift? Our nurse-themed badge reels come in convenient, affordable multi-packs.

Purchase packs of retractable badge reels at discount and make every nurse at your medical office feel special. You can choose from a 2-pack strictly for nurses or a pink ribbon pack for nurses with oncological specializations.

(Check out our other discounted packs here).

Discover the accessory company that creates products around real women. You will be happy with every purchase or we will make it right. Boojee Beads consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and see exactly what thoughtful designs can mean to you.

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