Pediatric nurses work with children, and that means a cute badge reel can make their patients laugh, or add a little fun to the workday.

These badge reels…

  • Improve the mood in your pediatric ward
  • Give you creative ways to start conversations with patients
  • Add a little fun to your work outfit

...and that’s just for starters.

We offer cute, custom badge reels that are perfect for pediatric nurses in hospitals and care centers of all kinds. Let’s explore some options.

Mended Heart Badge Reel: Brighten Up Your Pediatric Ward With This Perfect Badge Reel For Nurses

Bring a little hope and cheer to your pediatric ward with this mended heart badge reel, which is perfect for nurses. Kids will love to look at this badge reel because it is funny and hopeful. It is a simple square design with lifted metal edges, (which are rounded for extra comfort). The design in the middle shows a super cute bright red heart with a big smile on its face. There’s a band-aid on the upper right part of the heart. Medically accurate? No, but that’s not the point. It’s fun imagery that kids in a pediatric ward will understand perfectly. They might even want to draw it themselves.

Helping Hands Badge Reels: A Way For Pediatric Nurses To Show They Care

Pediatric nurses will find this Helping Hands badge reel is perfect for their workday functions while sporting a cute design that is sure to brighten up a kid’s day. Nurse’s often need to be able to pull on their ID card and use it to gain access to secure areas, cafeterias, and other functions. The strong reel of this badge is perfect for showing off why you do what you do. It bears a simple slogan “helping hands caring hearts” in white letters. The background is half blue and half green, both natural colors, and in the center, a cartoon of a palm holds a red heart. The overall image is simple, comforting, and completely appropriate for an environment with children.

Life Is Simple Badge Reel: Take Pride In Your Work As A Pediatric Nurse

Take pride in your work as a pediatric nurse and show off what it is all about for you with this cute “Life Is Simple” badge reel. In this design, a clean metal ring holds a badge that reads in red letters “Life is simple” with a heart on either side of it. In a ring of blue letters all around the red letters in the center, the badge reads “eat, sleep, save lives” both above and repeated below the center slogan. The reel is strong and secure, and retracts without snags or hitches. Badge reels like this can help improve the mood in your pediatric ward.

Shining Hope Badge Reel: The Perfect Inspiration For Your Work Day

This shining hope badge reel is an incredibly popular design. It’s a simple metal square with grooved metal edges, and a breast cancer awareness ribbon done in pink rhinestones. This badge reel is a fun conversation piece because sometimes pediatric patients don’t know what the pink ribbon represents yet. Spread hope and awareness and demonstrate your support for a good cause all with one simple badge reel.

Why Are Cute Badge Reels Important For Nurses In Pediatric Wards?

Everyone knows that it takes a special type of personality to have a talent and attraction for pediatric care. You have to know how kids think, the type of things they like, and how to catch and keep their attention. When you use these badge reels above, you create numerous possibilities for ways to improve your work day. You are only limited by your creativity.

Here are few examples:

  1. Let’s say you’re meeting a brand new patient. Maybe this kid is extra shy and quiet, or understandably nervous about being in this hospital. When you have one of these badge reels, you can show it to the patient to start a conversation. It can be a great way to help the child relax and get to know you to answer questions. Explain to them what the slogan on your badge reel means, whether you choose the “life is simple,” or “helping hands, caring hearts” option. If you have a simple image like the mended heart, it almost always gets at least a smile out of a new patient.
  2. Maybe it’s time for something a little scary, like a shot or a blood test. Anticipation is one of the worst parts of an unpleasant experience for just about anybody, regardless of age. Anyone with a brain knows you can’t make yourself stop thinking about the shot you’re about to get by saying “stop thinking about that!” It’s like saying “don’t think of a pink elephant.” A smart pediatric nurse can redirect the patient’s energy and attention to something else, like a bright and fun badge reel!
  3. Suggest an idea for a fun picture to draw by showing off the cartoon on your badge reel. One of the realities of being a patient in a hospital is that sometimes it is very boring! You often have long stretches of time to yourself in bed. Crayons and coloring books can go along way to lift a patient's spirits in a pediatric ward. Sometimes, you can get a patient going by showing off your badge reel, and asking them if they can come up with an even cooler design. As important as care is, kids always need a chance to play, be creative and dream, even if they are in a hospital. A challenge like this is a great way to improve their day.

How To Learn More About Badge Reel Options For Pediatric Nurses And Other Medical Professionals

We carry badge reels that are perfect for pediatric nurses and medical professionals of all kinds. If you are interested in learning about more designs, contact us online. We’re happy to answer questions about prices, styles, quantities or anything else on your mind.

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