Teachers today have many responsibilities and challenges that can make it a very difficult job. While teachers need to make sure that all students are getting the education that they need to thrive and advance, they are also responsible for making sure that the school and classroom are safe and secure. One basic responsibility that all teachers need to follow in today’s school when they are looking to stay compliant with security regulations is to wear a visible I.D. at all times. The easiest way for teachers to comply with this requirement is wearing a lanyard draped around their necks.

While wearing a traditional lanyard meets the basic requirement to present the I.D. at all times in accordance with school security regulations, many will find that they are dull and unattractive.

BooJee Beads lanyards are creative, stylish and we have an ample variety to fit your personality. The cute ribbon lanyards boast some pretty cool features.

3-in-1 Ribbon Lanyards with a Handy Retractable Badge Reel

Price-wise this is a steal. Note from the diagram in the middle that the retractable badge:

Cute Ribbon Lanyards for Teachers

reel is included in the price, which averages at $11 each. The beauty of our badge reels is their practicality. Tug on the I.D. badge, which will release the durable polyester cord so that you can stretch to reach a key slot, window, etc. (see right diagram above) The fun part is that it neatly winds the cord back inside of the circular part.

The ribbon is machine-washable polyester and the badge reel snaps on and off easily from the safety clasp (see the left image in the diagram above).

SO Much Style

One of the main benefits of our ribbon lanyards is that they will give you a great amount of versatility when it comes to style. On our website we feature an astonishing 60 styles. They come in a very wide selection of colors, styles, and patterns. This includes ribbon lanyards that are one basic color that can match a more professional wardrobe all the way to wild patter ns that are full of pink, purple, and all of the other colors of the rainbow.

Get an extra one just in time for a holiday, like Christmas or to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Each lanyard is an exclusive BooJee design and perfect for teachers and other professionals that need to display a badge but also want to look stylish. Overall, the ribbon lanyards are very cute and can be used to match anyone’s style. This is ideal for anyone that is looking to look great and have a unique accessory to wear during the long day at work.

Functional Use

While there are a lot of great style options that come with the ribbon lanyards, there are also plenty of functional uses for the ribbon lanyards as well. When you purchase a lanyard that is made of ribbon, you will find that it is very durable. While many are concerned that it will not be able to withstand all of the movement that takes place by a teacher during a day, the ribbon is surprisingly strong and durable. Because of this, it can last for a very long time regardless of how frequently a teacher takes the ribbon lanyards on and off during the day.

The ribbon lanyards are also a good option as they will help to display the ID properly. All of the ribbon lanyards sold by us come standard with a metal clip with a rubber covering, which can be used to easily connect to any ID and ID plastic carrying case. This will help to provide you with enough comfort that the ID will be able to remain in place as long as you are wearing it.

Contact Us

If you are thinking about getting new lanyards to wear at work, you should contact our team at Boojee Beads to learn more about the products that we can sell to you and your coworkers. Our products will provide you with a great lanyard option that will allow you to be creative with your whole wardrobe. These make our lanyards a great treat to buy for yourself or to give as a gift to someone else.

When you are trying to learn more, you should try to contact us online first. You could also try to call us at our corporate headquarters at 888-726-6533 during normal business hours, which typically expend from 9am until 5pm Eastern Standard Time. We also have a very busy corporate headquarters, which you can contact by sending direct mail to 11110 Kinsman Road, Newbury, Ohio 44065.

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