Do you have a flowery personality? We have the retractable badge reels that are designed to let your personality blossom. Here at Boojee Beads, we have created a wonderful garden of flowering badge reels. Come stroll through our selections of lovely blooms.

Brighten Your Day with Our Flower Badge Reels

Working can get a bit tedious from time to time. This can really get you down in the winter when the days are short and mostly dreary. Our retractable flower badge reels are the perfect antidote for your winter blues. Clip your ID badge to one of our beautiful flower reels and feel yourself become revived. The blossoms will remind you of warm springtime breezes.

Our Badge Reels Let the Real You Bloom

Every flower has a special meaning.

  • The Clematis, for instance, represents creativeness. Wear our Clematis badge reel when you need inspiration on a new project you may be working on.
  • Roses are a traditional symbol of love. This is the perfect ID badge reel to show your love and passion for your job.
  • A Daisy symbolizes purity and lets everyone know you are pure of heart.
  • Pansies represent thought and remembrance. Wear our pansy reel to reassure your employer that you are reliable and that you think things through.

Our flower badge reels can help you say more about your personality than you thought.

Functional Flowers: Flower Badge Reels

Badge Reel with flowers

Our retractable flower badge reels combine delicate beauty with durable features. The spinning alligator clip is designed to hold firmly when clipped to a collar or pocket. The spinning feature allows your ID badge to hang straight, not getting caught on clothing or flipping over.

Each retractable flower badge reel has a 32-inch cord that lets you scan your ID card without taking it off every time. The cord is strong enough to support your keys along with your ID badge so you can be sure it will not break with repeated daily use.

When you accessorize, you create the perfect flower. A bi-way pocket will help your flowers protect your ID badge from scratches. These blooms are even tough enough to support a swiper accessory. Top-load your ID badge and swipe trouble free every time.

Retractable Flower Badge Reels that Pop

Retractable Flower Badge Reels that Pop

When you just want to let your free spirit shine through, Boojee Beads has the flower badge reel for you. Try on one of our big, bright Daisy reels or a vintage flower. Both styles are bold and eye-catching. They let the world know that you have a big personality ready to blossom out.

On days when you are feeling whimsical, we offer handmade flower badge reels. The design is made to look similar to clay artwork that stands out in a 3-D style. These mirror the playful inner you.

You can even pick a carnation with fabric petals for a truly realistic flair.

badge reel with white rose

Elegant Flowers for Subtle Sophistication

The openwork of the garden reel reveals your open mind and personality. The white background helps this beautiful badge reel coordinate with your entire office wardrobe. The only things missing from these exquisite flowers are the thorns and bees.For days when you don’t want to be flamboyant, pick a lovely rose or garden variety badge reel. The soft look of the rose petals is enhanced by an edging of tasteful rhinestones. Our rose reel is a classy addition to a business suit, letting people know you are not all work. This lets you express the softer side of yourself while still keeping your ID badge safely at hand.

Let Boojee Beads Introduce You to Real Flower Power

All of our retractable flower badge reels are covered by our satisfaction guarantee. Our products are competitively priced. This lets you stock up on all your favorites. You will want a flower badge reel for every outfit and every mood. We pride ourselves in our product and we want you to be proud of your choices as well. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today and let us help you put a beautiful bouquet of flower badge reels together.

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