The life of a teacher is full of adventures from sparking imaginations to keeping little ones from falling behind. We feel that the best way to accomplish this is to make yourself approachable. This is why we here at Boojee Beads offer a wonderful line of cute retractable badge holders for teachers everywhere. With all the challenges a teacher faces, your ID badge is no longer one of them.

Our Cute Retractable Badge Holders Make the Grade 

                          5-Pack Teacher Themed Badge Reels                                                      

Little hands and big hearts fill a teacher’s world. Making those little minds as happy as they make you is a priority for every teacher. It instills trust and aids in learning. Our cute badge holders help you create that environment. Now you can show your fun side while keeping your ID badge handy at all times. Choose from fun and playful designs or bold and flashy. No matter what message you wish to project, we have the badge reels that always receive high marks every day.

Our Badge Holders Can Help You Communicate

Do you encourage your students to be inquisitive? Wearing one of our retractable badge holders can help you. Are you focusing on a spelling lesson today? Give your little ones a hint by wearing our ABC chalkboard reel.

Spice up science class on insect day with our Dragonfly Badge Reel.

Is there a field trip? Our school bus reel makes an excellent hint. Features include a 32-inch retractable cord that allows you to swipe your ID badge without removing it and a spinning alligator clip that keeps your ID securely at hand the entire trip.

Protect your ID from scratches and bumps by adding a clear bi-way pocket. Whether you have a vertical ID or a horizontal one, our bi-way pocket works with them both.

Be Encouraging With Our Badge Holders

                                                           Wink Wink Badge Reel

The biggest boost to a student is knowing their teacher is right there encouraging them. Show your support during test days with an A+ reel. Let them know you believe in them and that you know they can ace that test.

There is one event in a student’s school life that is as terrifying as it is exciting. The talent show has been wreaking havoc on student’s nerves for time untold. You can lighten the mood for them while showing your support with our Wink Wink Badge Reel. You can put a smile on their faces by wearing one on your collar.

The Badge Holders That Let You Express Your Artistic Side

                                                   Sunny Day Badge Reel

Arts and crafts class is not only fun for kids, but it is also very enriching. Show your artistic side with one of our cute badge holders. These 3-D designs resemble modeling clay creations. Our Sunny Day Badge Reel features an adorable bouquet of tiny colorful flowers is set on a cheerful yellow background.

Mix it up with our Green Thumb Badge Reel or our Blue Sky Badge Reel. The Green Thumb reel has unique flowers on a soft pink background for a calming effect while our Blue Sky reel has a beautiful airy blue background on which the flowers grow.

All three have all the features you expect in our quality badge reels. The nylon cord resists fraying and tangling so you can get down to the business of creating instead of worrying about your ID badge.

Boojee Beads has the Cute Retractable Badge Holders That Teachers Love

                                      Blue Sky Badge Reel

We understand what women want out of work accessories. While fashion and style are important, we have not forgotten the functions that make our badge reels popular. Each one has a secure clip, a fuss-free cord, and a strong vinyl strap to keep your ID badge safe and handy. Even though some may resemble a piece of fine jewelry, they are made durable enough to handle daily use.

We pride ourselves in the quality of each reel. This is why we make it easy to return anything you are not happy with.

We have competitively priced items to allow you to buy a variety for every occasion without spending more than you should.

Contact us today and let us give you a lesson in inspiration.

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