When you are wearing scrubs all day, a little flair can personalize your work attire. Even with the colorful scrubs and patterns that are offered today, still the style can get a little old after awhile. Think about the patients. Whether you are in direct care or working administrative tasks, a uniformed staff can be quite sterile. Sure that’s kind of the point when it comes to healthcare attire, but every now and then, it doesn’t hurt to put a pop of your own personality to complement your work wear—especially for nurses.

Nurses in particular work very closely with patients, administering their medicines and treatments, perform diagnostic testing and communicating with their families to help manage the illness or injuries. It’s a serious job that can be quite intimidating to the patient and their families. The appearance of scrub attire could make the experience all the more daunting from the patients’ perspective. However, just a twinkle of flair or a playful caricature can brighten the mood and put a smile on a patient’s face.

Breast Cancer Awareness Badge Reels

Never underestimate the power of small messages. Just one word can influence a moment of encouragement. This Boojee Beads badge reel represents breast cancer awareness. It has a retractable nylon cord that extends out to 32”. The 360-degree spinning alligator clip allows for easy attachment to your clothing, belt or purse strap.

Show Faith, Hope, & Love

Boojee Beads offers other breast cancer awareness badge reels with a little more encouragement to accompany hope. These badge reels presents a bright and airy design with its colorful wording that really makes the retractable badge holder shine. It is also designed with a 360-degree swivel clip and 32” pull.

Pink Ribbon Badge Reels

Some of our darling retractable badge reels literally mirrors elegance with its thick silver reflective border that showcases a lovely hot-pink ribbon with a tiny heart. Ask about the badge reel that sits behind a highly-reflective mirror which is sure to attract the attention of patients and maybe even deflect their attention long enough for a nurse to administer that flu shot! These badge reels also extend with a 32” pull with a 360-degree metal swivel hook.

Fashion Badge Reel

If you’re looking for a designer badge reel with a different message, then shop our line of fashion badge reels that will do the trick! Ask about our badge reels with the vibrant red heart-shaped caricature with a smiley-face that is patched up with a Band-Aid on the left side. This adorable little graphic sends a message that everything will be OK.

Spiritual Cross Badge Reels

Boojee Beads spiritual badge holders offers a symbol of hope for the more spiritual-minded individuals. Whether it’s to encourage and uplift patients or simply a broach that reflects one’s own spirituality, we stock the type of badge reels that are a must-have accessory. The back is attached with a spinning alligator clip for convenience and a 32” pull.

Bedazzle your scrubs with this shimmering Boojee Beads badge reels. Nothing says “Boojee” like this style badge reel. Ask about our badge reels that are sprinkled with shiny rhinestones surrounding an aqua glass-like cross that reflects beauty and serenity. Boojee Beads badge reels brings an elegant pop of color to a nurses’ working attire while offering a ray of hope and inspiration for spiritual patients.

What Else Does Boojee Beads Offer?

Boojee Beads has a wide assortment of designer retractable badge reels and lanyards. Our products have been showcased on Good Morning America, The Today’s Show and more. Shop our online inventory of retractable badge reels today. Sign up to our newsletter to receive an instant 10% off. Call 1-888-726-6533.

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